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  • The Hakkamat: Folk Poetesses Of War And Peace

  • The Hakkamat: Folk Poetesses Of War And Peace


    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - One type of the Darfuri cultural heritage is the hakkama (plural hakkamat), the folk poetess who depicts the social, political and economic state of affairs in that society of extreme Western Sudan.


    The hakkama incarnates those conditions in zealous verse. By that definition, the hakkama is an information ou



Waiting For Divorce
  • Waiting For Divorce

      Slowly and gradually the new economic and fiscal policies are taking shape with the main target of making use of the good rainy season, push for production and exports to help close the big gap between what the country produces and what it consumes. But whatever the government could achieve will be wa....



  • A Sudanese Rises To Prominence In India

  • A Sudanese Rises To Prominence In India

      KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Jalal Ahmed Dawood Hamid, a Sudanese young-man had no idea that his travel abroad would unfold to him vistas of success and accomplishment and would take him beyond his dreams. The first step of his success was doing a business of selling sandwiches of such Sudanese foods as ta'amiyyah (roasted dough of beans), pancakes, salads, and Syrian shawirmah (minced beef), and tea to his colleagues when he was a student in the Faculty of Economics in the University of Kamaraj, in east India. When he was still a student and before graduation, Jalal married his colleague Aminah, an Indian Buddhist, and fled with her to Mad...


  • Just Home-Educated, Farraj Altayeb Becomes Authority On Arabic, Literature, Religion

  • Just Home-Educated, Farraj Altayeb Becomes Authority On Arabic, Literature, Religion

        KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Linguist Farraj Altaeb (1932-1998) never went to school. His father Altayeb Alsarraj, a knowledgeable scholar of Arabic and its literature, taught him at home and allowed him at a very early age to attend linguistic and literary seminars and symposia the father used to hold at his own home.   This early tuition, the literary events he attended and  his discretion as he grew up, qualified him to present rich ...

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