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  • Sudan Looks Forward To Regaining Cotton Status

    Sudan Looks Forward To Regaining Cotton Status

  • Sudan Looks Forward To Regaining Cotton Status

    KHARTOUM, 26 March 2017 (Sudanow) - Cotton that persistently remained as the mainstay of the economy for nearly a century, has in recent years been driven to the back seats.

    It has been grown in a number of government- run agricultural schemes particularly in the Gezira Scheme, the world’s largest agricultural project run by a single administration (total area of the scheme is 2.2 million feddans). It was the world’s bigges



Eyes on Khartoum
  • Eyes on Khartoum

    Sunday 26 March 2017 (Sudanow) – Little over a week has passed since it was confirmed that Abdel Aziz Al-Hilu, SPLA-N leader has tendered his resignation, but information are scarce and sketchy so far on what is going actually on in the field.   However, from what has been leaked so far it seems ....



  • Doleeb- A Sudanese Genius of Multifarious Talents
  • Doleeb- A Sudanese Genius of Multifarious Talents

    KHARTOUM (SUDANOW)—His home is a pastoral land with tall grass and thick trees suitable for grazing camels, sheep and cattle and is of a charming nature and with his village, Idaid al-Hur, surrounded with huge tall Tabeldy trees that are used for storing water during the rainy season. The village lies north of An Nuhud, capital of Hamer tribe, and west of Iyal Bekheit where the famous Hamery sheep is bred. It was in that village and to the lovely singing of the sparrows that Dr. Engineer Doleeb Mahmoud Doleeb Abdul Rahim Abu Dagel was born. He is a retired Brigadier (pilot) of the Sudanese Armed Forces, a former captain in the Greek Nav...


  • Sand in My Eyes: Sudanese Moments
  • Sand in My Eyes: Sudanese Moments

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – This is one of the rare books that tackled the harsh life and environment of Kordofan Region of Sudan’s Midwest. Ms. Eniko Nagy had travelled wide, carefully watched, photographed and selectively chose the material of her book: a recollection of everyday moments of the largely desert or poor savannah region. As a worker for a German development NGO, Nagy did not just dispense with the day-to-day requirements of her job. Travelling wi...

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