• Sudan Beauty Viewed By Malaysians
    Sudan Beauty Viewed By Malaysians

    Malaysia’s Siti Noor Afera Abu and Nur Ashikin Abdul Aziz, two leading journalists with Bernama, wrote interesting story about Sudan and its huge touristic potentials. And within the context of exchange of news and...

  • Global Cultural Coexistence: What Islam Has To Offer
    Global Cultural Coexistence: What Islam Has To Offer

    Man has no choice, at least so far, within current scientific aptitudes, but to share the planet earth for living and coexisting, with all that such predestined fate may imply. Foremost among any implications is the mamm...

  • The Crazy Tree
    The Crazy Tree

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Al-Haraz tree, known by its scientific name acacia albida and winter thorn and apple-ring in English, is a large thorny tree up to 30 meters high and two meters in diameter. Contrary to the World&rs...

  • A Fire Rain Cannot Put Out
    A Fire Rain Cannot Put Out

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Generally, al-Tuggaba is a place where firewood is burned to give light. But the al-Tuggaba has other definitions. It is a huge bonfire that travelers can see from a distance at night and realize tha...


Sudanow is the longest serving English speaking magazine in the Sudan. It is chartarized by its high quality professional journalism, focusing on political, social, economic, cultural and sport developments in the Sudan. Sudanow provides in depth analysis of these developments by academia, highly ...


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