• Much Ado About Nothing?
    Much Ado About Nothing?

    This week the leader of the Popular Congress Party (PCP) Dr. Ali Al-Haj is scheduled to meet officials from the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) in Bonn. Given the fact that PCP is a new comer joining the government an...

  • Nile Waters: Promises And Threats
    Nile Waters: Promises And Threats

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Written by Sudan’s most famous politician of modern times, Mr. Sadig al-Mahdi (twice elected prime minister (1967) and (1986-1989); this book was published in 2000 but has of late gained w...

  • A Shift Towards A New Era
    A Shift Towards A New Era

    On the face of Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem should be a wake-up call that could inject a new life in the stalled Palestinian-Israeli peace talks because it was met with almost a unive...

  • Agar’s Opening
    Agar’s Opening

    Despite the caveat that accompanied the call by Malik Agar Chairman of SPLM-N faction on opposition forces to use the upcoming 2020 election as a mean to dismantle the current regime and replace it peacefully, the move r...

  • Sudan’s New Role
    Sudan’s New Role

    The issue of Sudan’s identity have been brought into new focus of late though from a different angle. Over the past three weeks Khartoum received South Sudan President Salva Kiir, while President Omar Al-Bashir pai...

  • Sudan Beauty Viewed By Malaysians
    Sudan Beauty Viewed By Malaysians

    Malaysia’s Siti Noor Afera Abu and Nur Ashikin Abdul Aziz, two leading journalists with Bernama, wrote interesting story about Sudan and its huge touristic potentials. And within the context of exchange of news and...

  • A Sudanese Angle In Saudi Changes
    A Sudanese Angle In Saudi Changes

    (SUDANOW) - Despite the confusion related to recent developments in Saudi Arabia, but one thing is becoming crystal clear. For all practical purposes Saudi Arabia has entered into a new phase of setting up its Fourth Sta...


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