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  • The Waza
    The Waza

    The Waza is the most distinguished music of southern Blue Nile area. Its instruments are cone-shaped trumpets made of conical segments of gourds that fit into each other and beaten by a cow horn. This rare rhythm is now ...

  • Dinder National Park
    Dinder National Park
    Dinder National Park

    Dinder National Park, one of several open parks in the Sudan, is still surviving and animals are believed to be returning back to the region from which several years of conflict and sounds of fire arms drove the sleek im...

  • -

    A war shield made out of a dry elephant hide (the ear), dating back to Sinnar Kingdom, a thriving Islamic kingdom that dominated central Sudan 500 years ago (Sinnar is Capital of the Islamic Culture 2017)Photo: Mahjoub M...

  • .

    A one meter by 70 centimeter hand written scripture of the Muslim Holy Kuran Book prepared by volunteers on the occasion of celebrations marking Sinnar as the “Capital of Islamic Culture, 2017”. Started on Fr...


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