Sudanese Former Rebel Leaders Arrive In Khartoum To Celebrate Peace Deal

Sudanese Former Rebel Leaders Arrive In Khartoum To Celebrate Peace Deal

By: Mohamed Osman Adam


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sudanese former rebel leaders from Darfur, the Blue Nile and Eastern, central, northern central western Sudan, arrived in Khartoum on Sunday, all of them to the exception of two, to celebrate the peace deal they reached with the Transitional Interim Government in Juba, Sout Sudan, in  October this year. The deal was hammered out with the blessing and under brokerage of the African Union, the United Nations, IGAD and Troika group.
The leaders of the movements,signatories of the Juba peace agreement, led by Dr Al-Hadi Idris, the head of the Revolutionary Front, and the Front leaders, Dr Jibril Ibrahim, Malik Agar, Khaled Mohammed Addis Gawish, Usama Saeed, Al-Taher Mussa Hajar, arrived at Khartoum International Airport on Sunday.
They were accorded an official welcome at the airport, with top political officials going to the airport to be at their reception.  Then they were limousined in VIP presidential cars to a meeting with Prime Minister, Abdalla  Hamdok and the Head of the Sovereign Council, the collective presidency, Gen Abdul Fatah Al Burhan. They then addressed a huge gathering in down town Khartoum.
Less than two years ago this would have been an in-imaginable event.
These parties include leaders, include Malek Aggar of the Blue Nile region, near the borders with Ethiopia who were at war with Khartoum since 1989 when Omar Bashir led a bloodless coup d’Etat and continued to rule the country for thirty years with armed fist dictatorship.
They also included the Darfur leaders who took up arms two years before the 2005 peace deal - the comprehensive peace agreement or the CPA-that subsequently led to the secession of South Sudan in 2011, was signed.
When a popular sweeping uprising brought Omar Bashir’s government to an end in 2018- 2019, the Juba Peace Agreement signatories grouped in the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, including the military mighty Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), that is said to have put an end to decades-long wars.
The two sides, government and the rebel leaders, agreed on a matrix for implementing the deal. The first step is that the government on Thursday issued a general amnesty dropping all charges and accusation related to the rebellion from those leaders. They are now free to move in and outside the country and engage in political mobilization.


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