Activist Nuri: Killed In One Of The SRF’s Many Follies

Activist Nuri: Killed In One Of The SRF’s Many Follies

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Thousands of mourners marched in the streets of Khartoum Tuesday to pay tribute to citizen Baha’addin Nuri who died under torture after a few days of arrest in a detention center belonging to the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (SRF) in Khartoum North.
The marchers first took the late Nuri’s coffin to the SRF’s detention center in Khartoum North, where Nuri was tortured to death, chanting anti-SRF slogans and then took it to the Kalakla burial ground where the noble body laid to rest.
The news about Nuri’s killing had triggered wide public wrath and dismay, because it was due to  such heinous crimes like extrajudicial killing and forced disappearance that the  people rose up in December 2018 against the brutal regime of Omar Albashir.
Informed sources close to the deceased said the security wing of the Rapid Support Forces had watched Nuri for sometime and then on 17 December stalked him until when he sat with some friends at a coffee shop in the Kalakla neighborhood,  where he was active in the revolution  and in social service.
At the coffee shop the security agents approached Nuri among his crowd of friends and took him away, according to his brother who said the agents wore civilian clothes and were riding a vehicle that carried no metallic license plates.
They took him to an unknown destination, he said.
Five days later his corpse was identified in the Omdurman Teaching Hospital’s Morgue.
His family had refused to take the body until it knew the reason for his detention and the cause of his death.
This had prompted the authorities to conduct another autopsy that showed he was hit with a heavy instrument on his sides and his head and the bigger finger of his foot was de-nailed.
The Rapid Support Force is an irregular force headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council (the Presidency) Mohammad Hamdan Dagalo, widely known by the nickname Hemaidti.
The force is extremely unpopular because it was launched for the protection of the defunct regime.
Rights groups accuse this force of committing crimes against humanity, first in Darfur and then elsewhere around the country.
Unconfirmed reports accuse it of taking part in the bloody breaking of the sit-in around the Army General Command in June 2019 in which hundreds were killed, hurt or considered missing.
Upon public pressure the Rapid Support Force lifted the immunity of some of its officials, including the Force’s head of intelligence and put them under investigation in the late Nuri’s case.
On Thursday Attorney General Tajelsir Alhibir ordered these persons to be handed to his office for questioning.
The Sudanese Professionals Association, that spearheaded the uprising against Bashir, vowed to work for Nuri’s death to “be the last to be committed under security torture.”
It gave the authorities 15 days to turn in the culprits to the legal authorities, threatening with popular escalation if:
-     The late Nuri’s killers are not handed to the authorities.

-     The liquidation and dismantling of the Rapid Support Force’s detention centers.

-      The liquidation of the clandestine ghost houses of the state security and the Rapid Support Forces.



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