Sudan Agrees To Compensate Victims In US Cole Destroyer Affair

Sudan Agrees To Compensate Victims In US Cole Destroyer Affair

Minister of Justice Dr. Nassr Eddin Abdul Bari

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The government of Sudan on Thursday said it has reached a deal with the families and victims of the attack on the American bomber, Cole in Yemen, 2000, so as to pave the way for normalizing relations between Khartoum and Washington.

The government in a statement by the Ministry of Justice has however stressed that it was made clear in the deal that Sudan was never party to that attack nor was it involved in any other terrorist attack.

The ministry of Justice in a statement it issued on Thursday that the settlement with the victims in the bombing of a US Destroyer, Cole, in Yemen 2000, approved paying compensations only because the US administration has set it as a prerequisite for normalizing relations with Khartoum.

The statement argued that within Sudanese relentless endeavor to delist the Sudan from the group of countries considered sponsors of terrorism, “a settlement agreement was concluded, 7th of February, with the families and victims of the 2000 bombing of the American Navy Destroyer Cole.“

It said since the time of the incidents legal actions procedures against the Sudan have been going against the Sudan.

The statement stressed that the government of the Sudan has entered into this agreement because it was keen to settle all historical terrorism claims that have been left behind the defunct regime and “only in order to meet the preconditions set by the American Administration”.

It said the American have said that in order to remove the name of the Sudan from the terror list, one of the preconditions, was to pay compensations for the victims and families of that attack.

It was reported that the Sudan would pay over 30 million dollars to the victims and their families.



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