Prof. Nimir Osman Wins Qatari Distinguished Inventor Award

Prof. Nimir Osman Wins Qatari Distinguished Inventor Award

DOHA, QATAR (Sudanow) - Professor Nimir Osman Albashir has won the Qatari Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer (IDKT) award for the most Distinguished Inventor of the year 2020.

The award organizers said Prof. Bashir was qualified for the award by a number of his scientifically and economically feasible scientific researches.

Nimir had graduated from the University of Khartoum and obtained several graduate certificates from Western universities.

He is professor of chemical engineering in the University of Qatar and also professor of the same University’s Oil Engineering Program. He is also director of the (A&M Texas Center in Qatar,  chairs the distinctive conversion of gas into liquid in OREX and is also head department of oil engineering A&M Qatar in Texas University.

Prof. Bashir has internationally recognized research activity in the design of advanced reactors and the operations of natural gas conversion and the operations  for fossil fuel preparation.

He is the director of the Research Center for Gas and Fuel at Texas University A&M (USA), Head of the Program of Excellence in Gas-to-Liquid Technology at Oryx and Head of Petroleum Engineering Department at Texas University A&M in Qatar. His research activities focus on design of advanced reactors, catalytic fuel processing and natural gas conversions. He has established many models of unique global research collaboration between academia and industry. He holds many American and European patents and numerous scientific publications including two books and many chapters in scientific books.

Previously he obtained the Qatar Institution Award for Best Research Program on Energy and Environment in 2012.

Also, he has several awards from the American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in the fields of catalyst use, natural attribution, and chemical separation module design.

Distinguished Professor at Texas University A&M in 2017.

Genesis Research Award for Energy Research Excellence, Texas Institution for Engineering Sciences (TEES) in 2016

Texas Alumni Award for Excellence in Engineering Science teaching in 2015

The Dean's Award at University of Texas A&M for Excellence in Leadership in Academic and Research fields in 2015

Shell Award for Excellence in Natural Gas Jet Fuel Research GTL

Oryx Award GTLL in the field of diesel from natural gas

The International Award of BASF in the field of environmental stimuli and several awards for his researches and his students’ researches from international organizations and conferences.

Prof Nimir is a founding member of the Association of Sudanese-American Professors in America, secretary of communications, programs and planning for the association, president of the Association of Sudanese Engineers in Qatar and chairman of the Advisory Board of the Engineer's Association.

Very recently the Minister of the Council of Ministers’ Affairs, Omar Manis issued a resolution appointed Prof Nimir  as the president of the University of El Imam El Mahdi’s Council.



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