National Accord Government Announced

National Accord Government Announced

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The First Vice - President cum National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, announced Thursday evening the new line up of the cabinet of the national accord government as follows:-
1- Dr. Fadul Abdalla - Minister of the Presidency.
2- Ahmed Saad Omer - Minister of the Cabinet Affairs.
3- Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim - Minister of Federal Government.
4- Lt. Gen. Awad Mohamed bin Oaf -Minister of Defence.
5- Gen. (police) Dr. Hamid Mannan - Minister of Interior.
6- Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour - Minister of Foreign Affairs.
7 - Prof. Abu-Bakr Ahmed Abdul-Rahim - Minister of Justice.
8- Dr. Ahmed Bilal - Minister of Information.
9- Gen. Dr. Mohamed Osman Suleiman Rikabi - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.
10- Abdul-Latif Ahmed Mohamed Ujaimi - Minister of Agriculture.
11- Musa Mohamed Karama - Minister of Industry.
12- Abdul-Rahman Osman Abdul-Rahman - Minister of Petroleum and Gas.
13- Muttaz Musa - Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity.
14- Bushara Aru - Minister of Animal Resources.
15- Mubarak Al-Fadil Al-Mahdi - Minister of Investment.
16- Engineer Makawi Mohamed Awad - Minister of Roads, Transport and Bridges.
17- Prof. Hashim Mohamed Salim - Minister of Minerals.
18- Hatim Al-Sir - Minister of Trade.
19- Idris Suleiman Yousif - Minister of International Cooperation.
20 - Dr. Hassan Abdul-Gadir Hilal - Minister of Environment and Urban Development.
21- Mohamed Abu-Zaid Mustafa - Minister of Tourism.
22- Asia Mohamed Abdalla - Minister of Education.
23- Prof. Sumaya Mohamed Ahmed Abu-Kashawa - Minister of Higher Education.
24- Al-Tayeb Hassan Badawi - Minister of Culture.
25- Abu-Bakr Osman Ibrahim - Minister of Guidance and Endowments.
26- Mashaer Ahmed Al-Dawalab - Minister of Social Welfare and Development.
27- Bahar Idris Abu-Garda - Minister of Health.
28- Dr. Al-Saddiq Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi - Minister of Development and Human Resources.
29- Ahmed Babiker Nihar - Minister of Labor and Administrative Reform.
30- Dr. Tahani Abdalla Attiya - Minister of Communications and Technology.
31- Dr. Abdul-Karim Musa - Minister of Youth and Sports.
Salih said at a press conference that nomination for the new government was based on qualifications that included 12 PhD holders, 4 professors and a countless engineers.
He said the new cabinet is determined to work as a team and work for achieving the aspiration of the Sudanese people.
Meanwhile, the President of the Republic Omar Bashir issued a Republican Decree appointing Assistants for the President of the Republic as follows:-

- Mohamed Al Hassan Al Mirghani: First Assistant to the President of the Republic

- Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, Assistant of the President of the Republic

- Musa Mohamed Ahmed Assistant of the President of the Republic

- Gen Abdul Rahaman Sadiq Al Mahdi, Assistant of the President of the Republic
The President reappointed Hassabou Mohamed Abdul Rahaman, Vice President of the Republic.
The newly-appointed ministers and state ministers will be sworn in Friday at 08:00 p.m. at the Republican Palace before the President.

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