Investment For Persons With Disabilities

Investment For Persons With Disabilities

KHARTOUM (Sudanow)- A Sudanese local company has helped persons with disability initiate some 200 small business, mostly kiosks and canteens in Khartoum locality, one of the three town forming the national capital, the Greater Khartoum.

The kiosks which are erected at bus stops dotting the main roads in Khartoum, mainly sell soft drinks, airtime scratches and other products emanating from the sponsor, Dal Company. They also serve to mark the location of bus stations, serving double purpose.

The company as part of its social responsibility, started the projects four years ago, providing the stands and demanding the beneficiary, who must be a person with disability willing to sustain himself, to come up with the capital for purchasing the goods and services. It wanted to see serious involvement.  

To further help this sector of the community, the local authorities refrained from imposing taxes or fees on those small business, spurring them into making profit. Sometimes, the beneficiaries say, Dal offers compensation if somebody incurred losses.

The main criterion for receiving the kiosk is that the applicant meets the condition of being a person with disability and, since all applicants stand equal chance, the company applied the principle of “first come first served”

Khalid Abd Allah Al-Awad, a graduate of Khartoum University who owns a stand in Jamhuria Street, and which he launched with a working capital of a mere 2000 SDG, said that his average capital now is 11,000 pounds.

“I’m happy with the work am doing. Am making profit. My net profit now runs from SDG 3000 to SDG 5000 per month “he added. This is almost triple the salary received by a new graduate in public sector.




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