Strategist-cum-military expert: Maj. Gen. Dr. Al-Amin to analyze Israeli strategic interests in Sudan

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Khartoum, April 14 (sudanow.info.sd )- An Israeli attack that occurred in Eastern Sudan, early this month (April 2011), has brought to the memory an earlier air attack in the same area. The April 2011 attack on a small car killed two people, and left the car a gutted heap of charred meat and steal. The earlier attack, 2009, left an unidentified number of dead, and an unspecified number of trucks destroyed, raising the Sudanow:  at home and abroad what is it that is happening? What have the Israeli's against the Sudan and this area of Sudan in particular? Is this a state terrorism that goes without an eyebrow raised outside the Sudan and unpunished? What are the issues that are at stake? What is he Israel strategy in this very region? With those Sudanow: s and other in mind we went to see a strategist and a military expert:  Maj. Gen. Dr. Mohamed Al-Abbas Al-Amin to analyze the incident and the Israeli strategic interests in Sudan and Sudanese geopolitical position Sudan.


-         Israel’s strategy is to move the war outside its territories because its security depth very limited


-         Bombardment of the Sonata vehicle near Port-Sudan lies within Israel’s preemptive strategy and its policy of frightening and deterrence.

Sudanow: how do you see the Israeli presence in the Red Sea area?


Answer: Israel maintains the initiative in any military action in the area. Israel does not fight within its own territories. Its strategy is to move war outside Israel. As you know the Israeli strategic depth is very limited. Therefore it believes it is necessary to move any war outside its territories so that its strategic centers would not be affected. The Israeli security, vital institutions and above all its presence in the region would not be under direct threat .


Sudanow: This very month of April, Israel launched an air strike targeting   civilian car in Port-Sudan killing and injuring three civilians. Records say in  January 2009, Israel carried out a similar attack in the region, how do you interpret those two attacks, what spurred them?


Answer: The Red Sea is a wide area and it is difficult to control. Additionally, there is an active process of commodity smuggling and all other forms of smuggling taking place including human trafficking without the knowledge of government. Israel, in turn, relying heavily on the available resources from the European Union, the United State and other Israeli allies, is monitoring the Red Sea area almost daily, presuming that arms of Hezbollah and HAMAS come through the Red Sea, Israel believes that arms are smuggled through and by conveys across the Red Sea.

Sudanow: Striking against targets inside Sudan sometimes takes place due to intelligence mistake as was the case in Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical plant which was destroyed by U.S missile strikes. Isn’t there a power to hold Israel responsible if its intelligence calculations were mistaken?


Answer: One of the strategies used by such countries is the pre-emptive strategy. If a country learned that there was a threat against its interests, it launches direct military strikes against the targets suspected of threatening its security. There is also the deterrence strategy which tends to frighten the other party, weaken it and convince it that if it initiates any hostile act, it would be destroyed.


Sudanow: Do you believe, Israel have agents of its Mossad inside Sudan?

Answer: There is no country, whether a friend or enemy, that does not deal with certain agents for the interest of Israel. There is spying between sister and friendly countries with the purpose of knowing some pre-intentions and public opinion trends inside these countries towards Israel. Therefore, they have to have agents inside the Sudan.


Sudanow: But Why?


Answer: Because we in Sudan have participated in the war against Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 thus is it possible that Israel to fail in maintaining intelligence presence and monitoring activities for the interest of its security in a country which fought four times in wars against it!!


Sudanow: But Sudan has implemented the decision of FULL non-normalization with Israel since 1967 Arab Conference, which was held in Khartoum and it does not have any diplomatic representation with Israel?


Answer: Sudan was among the frankest countries to implement this boycotting of Israel, unlike other Arab countries which have full diplomatic representation or commercial offices with Israel.

Sudanow: as a strategic military expert, how do you think Israel can manage to specifically spot and follow such a small car and bombard it without presence of Israeli agents inside Sudan?


Answer: Israel does not need huge potentialities in this respect, because the Sudanese citizens  are  known for their weak security sense and for their openness. A Sudanese citizen can speak easily and give sensitive information without distinguishing between the military and normal secrets. Additionally, the agents at the Arab and African worlds’ levels are well-trained. Besides, Israel can obtain the information from the daily newspapers.


Sudanow: Then why haven’t the Sudanese institutions  made use of the Israeli newspaper in detecting the Israeli intentions, inclination and way of thinking?


Answer: The State should have specific bodies to study the Israeli public opinion and analyze the Israeli strategy and ideas.


Sudanow: At the Sudan Center for Researches and Strategic Studies, do you have monitored reports on Israel’s trends towards Sudan?

Answer: This is a specialized work of the intelligence organs in the countries. We only analyze the general strategy of Israel, but obtaining information, and evaluating and analyzing them is the work of the concerned bodies.


Sudanow: Can Sudan posses a military technology that enables it to monitor its air space and borders to protect itself against penetration?


Answer: Yes, this is what is required. However, this technology which you are talking about is very expensive and needs continuing modernization and upgrading. It also needs specification of the necessary sites with a military plan to protect them. However, protecting small cars is a difficult matter and protection of the Sudan with its wide area is even more difficult. For instance, in the past there was an American pilot who landed with a training plane on the Russian Kremlin Red Square, matter which led to relieving the Russian Air force Commander. Additionally, in Iraq, and despite its huge military capability during the rule of Sadam Hussein, Israel managed to sneak and hit and destroy Iraqi nuclear installations. This took place despite the fact that Iraq was in a state of full alert and was completely aware that its nuclear reactors were  targeted in any hostile aggression. Russia has notified its then ally Sadam that it was impossible to secure Iraq against the American and Israeli air strikes. The matter needs billions of U.S Dollars, evaluation of the strategic defense status of the concerned country. Purchasing missiles alone is not enough.


Sudanow: According to your military experience, was the car in Port-Sudan hit by missiles from a fixed or moving site?


Answer: Israel has all the potentialities to hit its targets from a fixed or moving site. It can use a plane without a pilot or the Apache planes.”


Sudanow: Israel adopts a policy of the long arm to hit its rivals. Do you think Israel would repeat its aggression against Sudan?


Answer: We should be more alert. We have a problem which is that we could not manage to protect or control our borders. There is a wide movement of smuggling without knowing the smuggled things be   they are arms, military equipment, money, drugs or humans. Our first priority should be to be able to control our borders.


Sudanow: There is an Israeli claim that the car destroyed in Port-Sudan was driven by HAMAS leading member Abdullatif- Al-Ashqar. Is there a Palestinian military wing present inside Sudan?


Answer: This is the easiest accusation against Sudan. However, these days the arm deals are brokered via very efficient means and technologies and their delivery are secured. If arms are purchased from the Somali coasts, they can arrive to the Israeli depth and to Gaza strip. Nonetheless, Sudan will never allow any arms to pass through its territories because such a matter has its complications and can cause many problems for Sudan and lead to penetration of its security, which will in turn affect Sudan’s position in the international community.


Sudanow: Such strikes and aggression against Sudan, do they tend to force Sudan to relinquish its Islamic orientation and stop supporting the Palestinian cause?


Answer: It is very difficult for the West to force Sudan to relinquish Sharia or stop supporting the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian cause is vital and strategic for Sudan. Sudan is keen not to be affected by the pressures which tend to make it relinquish the Sharia or stop supporting the Palestinian cause. Sudan is also keen not to get into direct hostile activities with Israel.


Sudanow: Do you expect Sudan to obtain physical evidence to present to the United Nations Security Council to condemn Israel for its aggression against the Sudan?


Answer: There is no possibility to condemn Israel, particularly that we have previously filed a complaint with evidence regarding the bombardment of Al-Shifa Pharmaceutical plant and America itself acknowledged its involvement in that aggression, but it refused to apologize or pay compensations. This comes as part of the deterrence policy which tends to reflect that the West has a long arm and can destroy any target in Sudan.


Sudanow: America previously said bombardment of Al-Shifa plant was due to incorrect intelligence information. Do you expect that to be repeated by Israel?

Answer: Israel will not respond. Israel has forced the chairman of the committee entrusted with the investigation on Israel’s crimes in Gaza, which were documented on the TV cameras, to apologize for the report he wrote where he said he did not have enough information regarding what happened in Gaza strip. Imagine then what would happen regarding bombardment of a car or two in Sudan!!!.


Sudanow: How do you evaluate the capabilities of the security and intelligence with regard to limiting the Mossad, CIA and hostile foreign intelligence agents’ activities in Sudan?


Answer: Sudan has highly qualified and well-trained security organs to preserve and protect the national security. The negative aspect in the matter is that in many occasions our policies with friendly countries embody procedures that affect the national security.


Sudanow: the U.S Envoys to Sudan, do they have activities that serve Israeli objectives?


Answer: The United States fully supports Israel with arms, information and satellite technologies.   


Sudanow: Any country seeks to achieve security and stability for its nationals, how can Sudan achieve this goal?


Answer: The national security is a supreme objective for any country. This is achieved via adopting clear security, external and defense policies besides coordination between the external and defense policies because the national security needs building a balanced and clear defense and external policies that stand on mutual benefits.

Sudanow: Presence of Sudanese refugees in Israel, could it be utilized for purposes that may threaten the Sudan’s national security?


Answer: Their number is not big. Additionally, not any person who went to Israel is necessarily suitable to work within the Mossad as an agent because the intelligence work needs certain skills that may not be enjoyed by these refugees, particularly that the religious restraint is a character of the Sudanese people.

Ends-edited by Mohamed Osman

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