In a memo to President of the Government of Southern Sudan: leaders protest "obnoxious "mistreatment of their colleague

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Khartoum, April (Sudanow) - A group of southern Sudanese leaders have submitted a memorandum of protest to the President of the Government of Southern Sudan, General Salava Kiir Mayardit, on the mistreatment of a prominent member of the FEDERAL Government who happened not to be part of SPLM. He was sent back to Juba from his hometown of Rumbeik on the ground that he was going there to form Militia that would be used to undermine GOSS. The southern leader, Joseph Malwal Dong denied any such intention his several attempt to call on H.E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, were fruitless.

The southern leaders said creating a tense climate would not be in the interest of the new born southern state, demanding General Salva Kiir intervenes personally to put an end to such mistreatment carried by the security against the top leadership of southern Sudan. The memo was signed by 15 leaders, representing some eleven political parties in the south. Following is the text of the memorandum:


H.E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit,

First Vice President of the Republic,

President of the Government of Southern Sudan.

Your Excellency,

Subject: The Mistreatment of H.E the Federal Minister, Joseph Malwal Dong in Rumbek and Juba.

We, The South Sudan Political Parties, present to your Excellency this petition on the mistreatment that was meted out on H.E Joseph Malwal Dong, the Minister of the Environment, Forestry and Physical Development, Chairman of the UDSF and a prominent leader of the South Sudan political parties.

H.E Joseph Malwal Dong went on a visit to his hometown, Rumbek, on 16th of March 2011. On Saturday the 19th the Deputy Governor there informed him that he was not wanted in the town and must leave for either Juba or Wau. The reason he gave was that they have security reports that the Minister was going to Rumbek to recruit militia that would fight the government of Southern Sudan. The Minister rejected the two options and suggested to them that if they did not want him there, the only option was for him to go back to Khartoum where he came from.  The Deputy Governor visited the Minister on Monday to convey his insistence on the two options. The Deputy Governor visited the Minister on Monday the 21st to collect him. On Tuesday the 22nd he brought a contingent of the SPLA commanded by a Brigadier-General, who literally forced him out of the hotel room to the waiting plane.  On arrival to Juba airport, the security guards on the ground took away the pistol of the bodyguard of the Minister, and he was without protection during the five days he spent in Juba. In all these days, he was in your Excellency's office seeking to meet you, in order to get clarifications on the matter, but to no avail. He had to leave for Khartoum.


The minister went back again to Juba on Fridayth4e 1st of April, this time to attend a community meeting called for by the community leader who was in Juba. on his return journey to Khartoum on the 4th of April, the security personnel and l wanted to arrest the minister while seated in the plane, only the intervention of a senior security personnel who was on board the plane and the objection of the captain that international law does not allow such a step, prevented his detention by these operatives. Another person who went the same meeting, Col. John Mourwel Majax was arrested and badly tortured.


Your Excellency,

This mistreatment is obnoxious and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. It is a terrible humiliation to His Excellency the Minister. These violations of human rights have been committed by security organs that belong to the Government of Southern Sudan. They should have known that the Minister enjoyed immunity by the rule of law that cannot be tampered with. If a cabinet Minister in the National Government could be mistreated in this unbecoming manner, how safe are the other leaders of the South?

Your Excellency,

We are concerned because such misbehavior is happening at a time when we are seeing a clear backtracking form the side of the SPLM on the resolutions of the "All Southern Sudan political arties Conference" last October. You will recall that the conference was hailed by southerners for its success to bring about Southern reconciliation, not only on the political level but on the military side too. It is the consensus that was built in that conference which led South Sudan to a successful referendum. The results of which were recognized by all as representing the true expression of the will of the Soother Sudanese. The behavior of the SPLM after the referendum was puzzling, to say the least. The tendency to exclude other political parties resurfaces, beginning with the January 21st unilateral formation of the Constitutional Review Committee, the addition on the 21st of February of more members of the SPLM to the Committee after the Leadership Forum meeting on the 16th of February agreed on a final composition, and the way our members in the Committee were being disrespected and disregarded leading to their pulling out of the Committee. Afterwards, we have been treated to all kinds of baseless accusation, some of which were told to H.E the Minister in Rumbek as above. The SPLA is employed against the politicians and arbitrary political arrests continue in various parts of South Sudan. This spirit of hostility is uncalled for. Your Excellency, as Chairman of the leadership Forum, should interact with the leaders of the political parties.

Your Excellency,

It behooves all of us to see that we move together towards establishing the newly born state. There are many challenges facing South Sudan, which need our joint efforts the tackle them. It will not be to the interest of anybody, or political party for that matter, to sow discord among South Sudan leaders and its people. The consequences of a divided South are too ugly to contemplate. Only our unity will deliver us as a nation.

Thank you

1-    Dr Lam Akol Ajawin,         SPLM-DC chairman

2-    Joseph Malwal Dong        UDSF chairman

3-    Theresa Sirecio Iro            SANU D Chairman

4-    Abdallah Deng Nhial        PC leader

5-    Joseph Modesto               CPS leader

6-    Prof. David De Chua         SSDFP chairman

7-    Ali Tamim                           NCP leader

8-    Santo Alphons                   NDF leader

9-    Ball Deng UDP                   UDP leader

10-          Joseph Jada Wani        SDA leader

11-          Deng Bior Deng              SPLM- DC leader

12-          Kerbino Powe                    Democratic Forum

13-          Peter Abdul-Rahaman Sule  UDF  chairman

14-          Clement  Juma      ISSP  chairman

15-          Robert D  Thomas SLP member   



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