F M: US Administration should criticize SPLM attitude, not Al Bashir statements

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)


Khartoum, April 30 (Sudanow)-Foreign Ministry has criticized US Assistant Secretary for State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson's statement on President Al Bashir's public address in South Kordufan.


In statement to SUNA, Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Khalid Musa said the US administration should have exercise pressures on the Government of South Sudan to drop the item which seeks to annex Abyei to the south from the South Sudan Interim Constitution


It is to be recalled that President Omar Al Bashir has stressed that the government of southern Sudan GOSS, should avoid including t he area of Abyei, a region still to be decided in a plebiscite whether it is part of the north or part of the south, in the southern constitution or in the map of the new born southern Sudan in June this year.


The President has said that in accordance with the 2005 comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA, the two sides signed, the borderline between the two parts should remain those left by the British-Egyptian condominium rule on the first of January 1956.


The President told a crowd in Kordufan region of western Sudan that his government could not see how it would recognize the new born state if it annexes this region to the south in a breach to the agreement, witnessed by the international community and signed by the two.


The statement of the president came after reports from southern Sudan said GOSS intends to insert the disputed area in its constitution and as part of the map of the new state when it is officially announced in June, 2011.


The spokesman said the American criticism should have been directed to political behavior of SPLM which seeks unilaterally to impose administrative resolution to Abyei a move which contradicts the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the Federal Interim Constitution and joint agreements reached by the two partners


The Spokesman called for resolving Abyei issue through political cooperation that would take into consideration the due rights of all parties.



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