Bashir receives Egyptian delegation says four freedoms implementation key to Khartoum- Cairo development

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)


Khartoum, May 7 (Sudanow)- President Omar Al Bashir on Saturday received a high level Egyptian partisan delegation, currently on visit to Khartoum, stressing that implementation of the four freedoms agreement, signed in August 2004, will be key to the development of the bilateral relations between  Cairo and Khartoum.

President Bashir said the coming phase would bear witness to real partnership between the two countries in the realization of food security. The two countries signed the four freedoms agreement in 2004 but since then it was not fully implemented. The four freedoms include freedoms of possession, movement, stay and work for the citizens of the two countries. The agreement signed then by the heads of state of the two countries and  ratified by the legislatures in Cairo and in Khartoum, allows citizens of each of the two countries full freedoms in t he four area while in the other countries, including ownership of  real estates, and all other legal activities as the citizens of that country.

Bashir on Saturday receive the Egyptian delegation that comprises the head of the Wafed political party lead by Dr Sayed Al Badawi, and membership of representatives of if the Alliance, the Nasserite, Al Ghad political parties as well as a huge number of Egyptian thinkers and media officials, in which is seen as the second most important visit to the countries since January this year, preceded by the historic visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation to Khartoum

President Bashir underlined the importance of the visit and pointed out to the pioneering role Egypt has been playing in Africa, matter that showed in the severance of  34 African countries to their relations with Israel during the 1976 war. The President pinpointed to the absence of such a role of recently, by Egypt and Sudan on such fundamental questions.

The President said he expected the governments in the two countries to play  their role in this regard and that they work to remove hurdles that impede the implementation of the four freedoms and the free contact and cooperation between the peoples in Sudan and in Egypt, saying they should work to boost all types and forms of cooperation until Egypt regains its natural and leading role in the area.

The president stressed during his reception of the

Egyptian delegation that as head of the investment Higher Council, he would spare no efforts for encouragement of the bilateral investment and cooperation and that the investment doors would remain open  for Egyptian investors to seek bilateral cooperation and to enter the Sudanese markets.

Dr Nafie Ali Nafie the Assistant to the advisor of he President of the Republic, Dr Nafie has pointed out that the delegation would  visit a number of leaders of Sudanese political parties in Khartoum. 

Mr. Badawi has commended the positions taken by the Sudan since the outbreak of the Egyptian revolution after the January 2011 and the fact that President Omar Al Bashri was the first head of stat e to visit Cairo after the Egyptian popular uprising there .



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