Ruling National Congress candidate wins seat of governor for South Kordufan, elbowing SPLM candidate

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum (Sudanow) - Ahmad Haroun, candidate of the National Congress party in the south Kordufan by elections, has won the seat of governor, securing 201,455 votes against 194,955 votes for his rival, Abdul Aziz Al Hilo, of the Sudan people liberation army/movement.

The state of south Kordufan is one of three regions in northern Sudan which were included in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement as special areas that have to have their own by status; the other two are the Blue Nile and Abyei. In those areas the CPA stipulates that there should be popular consultations where the people will say whether they are satisfied with the Federal Government or not.  Elections were not carried out in south Kordufan as was the case with the rest of the country in January this year, because of a row over the population count and the elections registration records.  But with all parties satisfied that the records were set right, the election process was launched, five months later.

The by elections to choose a governor were carried out this month and three candidates ran for the post, Talafon Kuku, an independent candidate who was formerly a leading member within the SPLA, SPLM, Ahmed Haroun the incumbent governor who is former state minister for interior and state minister for Humanitarian Affairs and a prominent figure among the young leadership of the party hailing from western Sudan, and the third candidate is a commander within the spla/splm politburo, Abdul Aziz al Hilo.

With massive and strong political backing from the National Congress party, Haroun won the seat by a comfortable margin, against Hilo who was openly supported and backed by the SPLM northern branch and the splm in the south, the race was actually between those two alone. The third candidate Kuku, was, even though candidate in the gubernatorial elections, detained in spla/splm prisons in juba, south Sudan.

No reason was given by the splm for putting kuku, a fierce field command during the war between the north and the south, with the involvement of south Kordufan and the Blue Nile areas. But it was widely believed in Khartoum that he was detained to avoid having two candidates running in the same ticket of the spla thus reducing the chances of Hilo’s win.

The National Election Commission (NEC) headed by Deputy President of the Commission, Prof. Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah announced that the candidate of the National Congress (NC) Ahmed Haroun has won the post of the governor) of South Kordufan State.

Professor Abdullah told a press conference in Khartoum Sunday the candidate of the Sudan's People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Abdul Aziz Adam Al-Hilo got 194,955 votes while the independent candidate, Kuku obtained 9, 130 votes.

The win shows the National Congress has now strongly positioned itself in the state of South Kordufan, at the expense of the SPLM-north Sudan.  It will also mean the party will be in control of the region which is neighboring to Abyei and to south Sudan as well. The region also separates south Sudan from trouble Darfur region. The win is seen by many an observer as strategically vital for the government in north Sudan, security wise and military wise, let alone the political significance for the ruling National Congress.


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