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President Bashir on coming elections and recent riots

By: Mohammed Osman


Khartoum, (Sudanow) - President Omar Al- Bashir on Monday told the parliament that 58 people, involved in incidents of “subversion and killings” in last September riots were indicted after interrogations and would be taken to courts for trial while investigation into the incidents would go on.

Bashir told the Legislative Organization - the National and Assembly and the States Council- that some enemies of Sudan which he described as “lurkers” thought the recent economic reform measures provided them with an opportunity to topple the regime.

“Those lurkers sought to agitate the people into demonstration and insurgence and unleashed criminal groups who committed subversion, sabotage, looting and killing but, with their advanced awareness, the people thwarted their criminal scheming and disappointed them,” the president said in his speech.

Further investigations will be conducted he said, “to establish facts about those who were killed in the incidents and determine the perpetrators,” said the President, adding that committees would continue listing the physical and human losses for compensation to which he said the state is committed.

Speaking on the issue of Abyei, Bashir said he would exert effort with his “brother the President of South Sudan for reaching a lasting solution that is satisfactory to all parties, particularly the local communities.”

He said they are agreed on formation of a Police Force and the Interim Civil bodies which he said would enable those communities to resume their normal ways of life. Bashir said he also agreed with President Salva Kiir Mayardit during a recent visit to Juba,South Suda n, on continuing implementation of the Cooperation Agreements.

On foreign policy, Bashir stressed his government has managed to establish and maintain relations with neighbouring Arab and African countries as well as Asian and even with European and Western nations for the interest of the Sudanese people.

Bashir declared his plans for establishing a National Council for Peace that would draw up policies for a national drive for peace. He added that he would conduct extensive consultations on formation and duties of this council.
The President renewed his call to rebels who are still declining to join the peace process to lay down arms and sign the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD), pledging amnesty to them.

“We affirm readiness by the government to pardon the holders of arms and consult with them on arrangements for their joining the peace process,” he said.

The President called upon all sectors of the Sudanese people, including ex-rebels, to take part in writing the country’s Permanent Constitution.

The President declared that the next elections would be organized in early 2015, calling upon all political parties and organizations to “prepare early and properly” for the coming elections which he pledged would be “fair and transparent.

He said he is making this declaration “in commitment to the constitutional legitimacy which brought us to this position of running the country’s affairs” in the past elections of 2010 which were organized under the current 2005 Constitution.

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