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Press Release Issued by National Dialogue General Congress

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM ( - The General Congress of the national dialogue has expressed its satisfaction over the accord achieved in the National Document, affirming the firm commitment to implementation of the issues included in the document and protecting it on ground that it is owned by all the people of Sudan, without exclusion to any one.

Following is an unofficial translation of the statement issued by the General Congress of the National Dialogue at the end of its meeting on October 9, 2016.

Headed by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir, the General Congress of the National Dialogue met on Monday, the 9th of Muharam, 1438 of the Hijiri year, the 10th of October 2016 at the Friendship Hall, in the National Capital Khartoum.

The General Congress is honored by the participation and the presence of His Excellency President Idris Debby, the President of the Republic of Chad, His Excellency President Mohammed Wald Abdul Aziz, the President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, His Excellency Field Marshal Abdul-Fatah Al-Sisi, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda as well as representatives from the Russian Federal Republic, People's Republic of China and the accredited ambassadors to the Republic of the Sudan and the representatives of regional and international organizations.

The Congress brought together the different groups and entities of the Sudanese civil society organizations, representatives of the political parties, civil society organizations, the national figures, and the armed movements. All in all, they numbered 408 representing a colorful rainbow of men, youth, women, workers, intellectuals, business people, farmers, nomads, artisans, religious and native administration leaders, giving the Friendship Hall, the venue of the National Dialogue, this colorful allure.

They came of their own free will, united and supportive of each other, crowning huge activities that prevailed all over the country, since the convening of the opening session of the General Congress of National Dialogue on October the 10th 2015.

That session saw the bold initiative released by His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir.

That initiative was inspired by the deserved hopes of the proud Sudanese people, hopes that remained pending since the independence of the Sudan in 1956, and the eras that followed in the modern history of the Sudan, because of huge challenges in which Sudan was to be or not to be. During these eras Sudan witnessed differences, disputes and diverse stands among its sons.

The initiative was in response to the aspirations of the Sudanese people who are keen to see their homeland, its people and national soil united and protected. All are agreed on one goal: the establishment of the state of citizenship where all and every Sudanese enjoy the same honorable life in which the dignity and human rights are respected and in which the people are united in a homeland that embraces all Sudanese people with their cultural, social and spiritual diversities.

The participation of the forces which responded to the National Dialogue Leap Initiative was characterized by a deep and profound conviction that Sudanese alone are capable of resolving their problems and managing their difference. This is a heritage deeply entrenched in their history, handed over from generation to generation.

Seventy-four political parties and 34 armed movements, civil society organizations and national personalities have joined the national dialogue since its start. These figures started to grow when seriousness of the initiative, the good will and the commitment and pledge of the President of the Republic and the Chairman of the National Dialogue were demonstrated and proven. We hail the high patriotic spirit that dominated the deliberations at the National Dialogue and enshrined the national principles and values that meet the hopes and aspirations of the people of Sudan.

The conferees have succeeded in reaching accord on the recommendations and formulating them into a National Document which represented the social contract that represents the basis for the permanent Constitution and upon which a national strategy for the renaissance of our great Sudan is to be drawn up. The deliberations also succeeded to provide a considerable and respectful human experiment that is to be used by whoever faces similar conditions.

The initiative of the President of the Republic for the National Dialogue has exposed within the Renaissance project eight axes which are represented in the economy, the freedoms, peace, unity, identity, good governance and implementation of the outcome of the dialogue and the external relations. These axes represented the solid grounds upon which the forces participating in the dialogue focused their discussion.

The approach and mechanisms for translating these axes into plans and programmes were set so as to formulate the axes in a National Strategy which is binding for all people. The National Dialogue Committee which is known as (7+7 Mechanism) was formed representing both the National Unity Government and the Opposition.

The Document that genuinely reflected the outcome of the National Dialogue has become a historical turning point for the Sudanese people toward establishment of the state of citizenship.

The 7+7 mechanism has committed itself to following the directives set by the General Congress and relied on them in the formulation of the roadmap that would enable it to achieve the goals of the National Dialogue with its political and societal sections. Accordingly, the Six Political Dialogue Committees were formed besides the Higher Committee for the Societal Dialogue through fair and equal representations of all who responded to the initiative which was launched by the President of the Republic. Offshoot committees were also formed to deliberate about 523 scientific and technical working papers that were presented by all the concerned parties.

The deliberations at these committees were characterized by clarity, transparency and objectivity in tackling all the issues and topics which were exposed for discussion. The people of Sudan have expressed in their societal deliberations the aspirations of the society. The document issued by the societal dialogue has become inseparable part in the national document which is binding for all.

The dialogue initiative was widely accepted and welcomed both locally and internationally and received external support, notwithstanding the challenges faced. While we express our satisfaction over what was agreed upon in the document, we also affirm our absolute commitment and pledge to protect this document because it belongs to all the people of Sudan without exception.

The General Congress of the National Dialogue would like to express its great appreciation and gratitude to Their Excellencies the presidents, envoys of the sister and friendly countries and representatives of the regional and international organizations who joined us in this historical sitting. The General Congress would also like to express its gratitude for the Higher Coordinative Mechanism of the National Dialogue (7+7 mechanism), the Secretariat General and to the Sudanese at large, inside the country and abroad, for their active participation in the National Dialogue and making it a success.

The Congress would like to reaffirm its full support and backing for every action that would be exerted in implementing the outcome and its full commitment to the social contract set by this National Document which will take Sudan into new horizons of peace, development, stability and renaissance.

General Secretariat of the National Dialogue
Khartoum, October 10, 2016




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