Arab Forum on Role of Media in Combating Terrorism Issues Final Declaration

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (Sudanow.info.sd) - The Arab League Forum on the Role of Media in Combating Terrorism (August 18-19/ 2016) concluded session in Khartoum on Friday and issued a final declaration, dubbed Khartoum Declaration on Combating Terrorism, that recommended among other measures:
-Calling on the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) to consider revision of Arab school curricula to ensure they are free of any material that incite extremism ideas among students at all stages
-Spreading Lofty Islamic values, investing in cultural heritage of the nation as well as propagating curricula that encourage tolerance, justice, peace, incrimination of injustice and violence and observe sanctity of human blood.
-Calling on Arab media disseminate the values of tolerance and virtue and rejection of violence, terrorism and extremism as essential Islamic values, and to highlight programmes that aim at drying up the sources of distorted thoughts.
-Asking the all states to establish centers for qualifying the prayer leaders and preachers in a way that would place religious discourse up to par with modern spirit.
-Calling the all Arab League countries to make use of the Sudan experience in combating terrorism through intellectual dialogue.
-Putting into use the new social media in raising awareness among the youth against the dangers of navigating websites that encourage terrorism and it’s financing and joining its ranks
-Establishing a joint Arab oversight entity to supervise the televised broadcasting to discourage shortcomings and maximize the advantages
-Establishing a joint Arab production company and Information sciences academy aimed to building Arab common media industry to counter the western contents which are beamed at Arab audience.
-Calling on Arab states to devise media curricula at the various education stages to enlighten youth and younger generation on distinguishing between useful and useless material, while at the same time working to resolve problems related to unemployment, poverty alleviation and realizing equity and social justice.



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