Archeologists Find Skeletons in Unusual Condition

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Archeologists from McMaster University of Hamilton have recently stumbled on four ancient cemeteries containing human skeletons in an unusual condition.

The archeologists, according to a number of Sudanese newspapers on Monday, took out of the cemeteries 123 skeletons of persons, likely dating back to more than a thousand years, near a medieval Christian monastery in Sudan near the River Nile.

They deduce that the flesh was removed from the bones before burial which they believe was then a puzzling practice that still remains unexplained.

The archeologists found out that one of the graveyards was specified only for adult males, most likely monks of the monastery, while the fourth graveyard consisted of only four graves. It was noticed that the remains appeared in an odd shape that differed from the known skeletons; one grave contained a mixture of bones from which the flesh was peeled off before the burial as deduced by researcher Robert Stark who supervised the study, concluding that it was customary in the region.

The practice of removing the flesh from the bones ahead of the burial, Stark gathered, was obvious in the disarrangement of the bones of each skeleton as, for instance, the bone of the upper arm was on the head, something which could not occur in case of a normal burial.



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