• Sudanese Expert Receives International Award
    Sudanese Expert Receives International Award

    Dr. Salman Mohamed Ahmed Salman, Expert - International Water Law & Policy, have been selected to receive the Crystal Drop award of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA). Congratulating Dr. Salman, IW...

  • Reading into Lyman’s Testimony
    Reading into Lyman’s Testimony

    30 April 2017 (Sudanow) - Five points attract one’s attention while reading the testimony of ambassador Princeton Lyman, the former US Special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan. The testimony titled “The Questio...

  • The Waza
    The Waza

    The Waza is the most distinguished music of southern Blue Nile area. Its instruments are cone-shaped trumpets made of conical segments of gourds that fit into each other and beaten by a cow horn. This rare rhythm is now ...

  • Hair Eating
    Hair Eating

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - In a rare medical case, a big lump of hair was removed from the stomach of a woman at the Teaching Hospital of al-Obaied, Capital City of North Kordofan State. Doctors compared the lump of hair to t...

  • The Laloab (the Desert Dates)
    The Laloab (the Desert Dates)

     KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Its scientific name is balanites aegyptiaca, a wild plant and is wide-spread. The National Forest Inventory (1998) estimated more than 93 million of these trees in Sudan. The laloab tree, know...


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