• The Harjul
    The Harjul

    Sunday, 2nd Apr 2017 (Sudanow) - Harjul is Scientifically called solenostemma argel, it is of the creeping species, a wild plant that is wide-spread in North Sudan. The tree is 2.5 meters high with a velvet green stalk, ...

  • -

    A war shield made out of a dry elephant hide (the ear), dating back to Sinnar Kingdom, a thriving Islamic kingdom that dominated central Sudan 500 years ago (Sinnar is Capital of the Islamic Culture 2017)Photo: Mahjoub M...

  • Khartoum Heritage Village: Please Keep It
    Khartoum Heritage Village: Please Keep It

    Khartoum, 2nd Apr 2017(Sudanow) - Built on an area of 2 acres within the Khartoum International Garden and facing the Khartoum International Airport, the visitor can easily see a microcosm of Sudan’s varied landmar...

  • New Shape of Sudanese-Saudi Relations
    New Shape of Sudanese-Saudi Relations

    Sunday, 2nd Apr 2017 (Sudanow) - The Sudanese-Saudi joint air manoeuvers currently being undertaken in Merowe, some 330 north of Khartoum, are the first of its kind and is yet another strong signal on the growing coordin...


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