• Sit-inners  Brave Heat In Ramadan
    Sit-inners Brave Heat In Ramadan

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Braving thirsty, heat and hunger during the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan and a record breaking heat of 47 D Celsius, thousands of youth continued their sit in before the Sudanese Armed Forces Ge...

  • Weekly Press Columns Digest
    Weekly Press Columns Digest

      KHARTOUM, May 12 (SUDANOW)—The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has seized power in Sudan for the main objective of securing a safe exit to the symbols of the regime of which they were part until the las...

  • The Growing Power Gap
    The Growing Power Gap

      It has been more than four weeks since former President Omar Al-Bashir was deposed, but still the alternative did not take shape yet, thus creating a power vacuum that will have its impact on the way the country ...

  • Keep Laughing With Alasdiqa (Friends) Comedians
    Keep Laughing With Alasdiqa (Friends) Comedians

      KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - On the stage they talk like ordinary people engaged in a conversation: Nothing of the overacting that drew back Sudanese drama for generations. On the stage they live up to their name: ...

  • Street Kids: Changing Lives Inside The Sit-in Grounds
    Street Kids: Changing Lives Inside The Sit-in Grounds

      KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - You will be taken by surprise at what goes on inside the sit-in grounds around the Army General Command: All are united behind the popular demand for the formation of a civilian gov...


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