• Back to Politics
    Back to Politics

      Whether by chance or design there is a flurry of political activity of late that needs to be grasped in good faith with a specific target of making a real breakthrough that puts Sudan on the long path to recover....

  • Former Sudanese President Suwar Al-Dahab Dies
    Former Sudanese President Suwar Al-Dahab Dies

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Former field marshal and president of Sudan Abdulrahman Suwar Al-Dahab, 83, died Thursday in Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia. Suwar Al-Dahab ousted President Gaafar Nimeiry in 1985 following ...

  • Waiting For Divorce
    Waiting For Divorce

      Slowly and gradually the new economic and fiscal policies are taking shape with the main target of making use of the good rainy season, push for production and exports to help close the big gap between what the c...

  • Keeping Fingers Crossed
    Keeping Fingers Crossed

      The first and actual impact of the new economic and financial policies will be put to test today when the newly formed body of bankers, exchange bureaus start announcing the daily exchange rate. Outright deprecia...

  • Obituary – Untimely Death Extinguishes A Blazing Flame
    Obituary – Untimely Death Extinguishes A Blazing Flame

      KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - As dynamic as she was, Professor Sidiga Abdul Rahim Washi briskly and suddenly passed away of a heart attack while she was taking part in an international conference on nutrition in Africa in...

  • Sudan’s Lover: Iraqi Poet Basim Furat
    Sudan’s Lover: Iraqi Poet Basim Furat

      - Sudan is the gateway of the Arabs to Africa; and Africa’s gateway to the Arabs - Sudan’s civilization did not get the fame it deserves - I worked as a baker, ironsmith, shroud salesman, copper gif...


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