• Get Priorities Right
    Get Priorities Right

      Gradually the Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the civil group Freedom and Change Forces (FCF) are building bloc by bloc a consensus on post-deposed Omar Al-Bashir era that will hopefully ush...

  • Engage And Fight
    Engage And Fight

      The continuous tension between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the civilian opposition is creating a power vacuum and threatening the prospects of democratic transformation in the country. Since forme...

  • Al-Bashir’s Divine Rule
    Al-Bashir’s Divine Rule

      The spread of demonstrations and sit-ins before the army headquarters have revealed an obscure face of former President Omar Al-Bashir: He has solid belief that his rule is a divine one. And it is only Allah, not...

  • Message From Algeria
    Message From Algeria

      In merely seven weeks the popular uprising in Algeria managed to topple its former president for two decades Abdel Aziz Bouteflika forcing him to exit office. Because Bouteflika was a symbolic figure head since h...

  • Back To Square One
    Back To Square One

      The popular anti-government uprising, now in its fourth month, and with no clear political breakthrough and worsening economic crisis has started to take its toll on the country’s image at least in the regi...

  • Sudan Crises: Reading From The Same, Old Book
    Sudan Crises: Reading From The Same, Old Book

      For more than three months of the political and socio-economic unrest still engulfing the country the government continue to adopt a piecemeal approach to the multiple crises that became in itself an added factor...


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