• Euphoria Of Welcoming Sudan: Is The Honeymoon Over?
    Euphoria Of Welcoming Sudan: Is The Honeymoon Over?

      After the euphoria of welcoming Sudan back to the folds of the international community following decades of being stigmatized as a pariah state, that honeymoon and for all practical purposes seems to be drawing t...

  • Foreign Interest In Sudan: Time To Pose And Reflect
    Foreign Interest In Sudan: Time To Pose And Reflect

    The welcome Sudan received during the UN General Assembly meetings that came on the heels of a series of foreign dignitaries’ visit to Khartoum resembles similar foreign interest shown back in 2004, though with a...

  • Where Are The Americans?
    Where Are The Americans?

      The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres summed it all when he said at the outset of the 74th General Assembly, “Sudan is a matter of great hope for us. I believe that what was possible in the ...

  • An Extended Honey Moon?
    An Extended Honey Moon?

      Abdalla Hamdok, the country’s first prime minister in the civilian-led government has been saying the right things since he assumed office. His last week’s press conference to announce his government ...

  • Sudan Needs Help More Than Tweets
    Sudan Needs Help More Than Tweets

      For the past several weeks senior US administration officials from Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Tibor Nagy as well as a number of congressmen have been busy tweeting about supporting Sudanese uprising and their aspi...

  • People’s Guarantees   
    People’s Guarantees  

      For quite long time statements issued by regional and international bodies on Sudan have fallen into three categories: either expressing concerns and anxiety about what is going on in the country, or calling for ...


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