• Self-Determination Revisited
    Self-Determination Revisited

    The issue of self-determination that emerged out of the protracted civil strife in Sudan, resurfaced again though in a different setting. It was pushed to the forefront initially by the neighboring countries, who were s...

  • A Generation Is Stepping Down
    A Generation Is Stepping Down

    The death of Dr. Mansour Khalid last week brings to close an end of an era that has dominated the country’s political scene for more than half a century through its various active figures. Dr. Khalid’s eventf...

  • The Troika: The Lecturing Goes On
    The Troika: The Lecturing Goes On

      For some two decades the troika, the United States, Britain and Norway have been engaged extensively in Sudanese affairs starting with the Naivasha peace talks between the government and the southern rebel group,...

  • Thinking Big, Behaving Bold
    Thinking Big, Behaving Bold

      One of the emerging results of the current Coronavirus is its stimulation of nationalistic feelings and policies. Though the virus by its very nature cuts across borders, but a growing list of countries are adopt...

  • Stand For Sudan Initiative:  Changing The Course
    Stand For Sudan Initiative: Changing The Course

      In his second public televised address to the nation Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok finally took the step that he should have taken since he assumed office seven months ago: to look and focus his attention ins...

  • The New BC, the New AC
    The New BC, the New AC

      It looks like the Corona virus will have its prints in today’s life, institutions and trigger change all over to the extent that the acronym BC and AC will likely have a new meaning: Before Corona (BC) and ...

  • Generating Wealth, Then Sharing It
    Generating Wealth, Then Sharing It

      It was a mere chance that producing broiler chicken from cages in Wad Ballal village coincided with the time of the Corona virus hitting Sudan and the world. Producing 25, 000 chicken is not a big news in itself,...


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