• Bright Future Awaits Soybeans Cultivation In Sudan
    Bright Future Awaits Soybeans Cultivation In Sudan

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) ـــــ Soybeans is one of Sudan’s new and promising cash crops, whereby its cultivated area has grown from 3000 acres in 2013 to about 25000 acres in 2020, in both the country’s rain-fe...

  • Selected Poem: 1000 (Safia Elhillo)
    Selected Poem: 1000 (Safia Elhillo)

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Safia Elhillo (born on 16 December 1990) is a Sudanese-America poet. Her work has been translated into several languages. She has won acclaim for her work and has been the recipient of several presti...

  • Activist Wadakar Killed By Sinful, Dubious Hands
    Activist Wadakar Killed By Sinful, Dubious Hands

    KHARTOUM (Sudanow) On Wednesday the revolution’s activists bade farewell to their fellow Mohammad Ismael, known widely by his nickname Wadakar,  after he was killed by the treacherous hands that used to kill y...

  • Scenes From Gaza
    Scenes From Gaza

    GAZA (Sudanow) - At last, the sounds of explosions have stopped, clouds of smoke, tongues of flames, incendiary and illuminating bombs are invisible in Gaza sky-line in the wake of a truce that seems as the calm before t...


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