The Great Love, Griselda and El -Tayib

The Great Love, Griselda and El -Tayib

By: Resala Abdelrahim

Khartoum, June 20 (Sudanow)- It's not easy to leave your own country, marry a stranger and live with him in the middle of a very different environment like Africa, where snakes die because of heat. This is a great love story her heroine is Griselda El Tayib who passed away in 20 May 2022, following her beloved husband Abdallah El Tayib and rest in peace next to him forever.

Griselda met Abdallah El Tayib the great Sudanese poet and linguist in London 1946 when she was an art student. She loved his intellectual character, his charming charisma, and his perfect smile when he shows his white teeth.

Girselda studied visual art and cultural anthropology, she was mainly known for her pioneering research on the traditional costumes as they reflect the culture and society of Sudan since 1970. She published her researches in 2017 in the illustrated book Regional Folk costumes of Sudan.

She joined her husband in every step of his life, traveling with him to different places, translating his books and saving his manuscripts.

Griselda converted to Islam in Nigeria. When she joined her husband there she saw how Nigerian people practice Islam, she told her husband and his friends then they gave her an Arabic name called ( Jawhara) which means Jewel. She loved the name but she still known as Griselda in Sudan.

The reporter met Griselda El Tayib 2010 at the University of Khartoum when she was an Arts student and she saw her kindness and responsibility.

After her husband death, Griselda stayed in Sudan and refused to return to her home country to continue what her husband started.

She was very faithful and loyal wife.

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