Dengue Fever hits some Sudanese states

Dengue Fever hits some Sudanese states

By: Resala Abdelrahim

Khartoum 22.11.2022 (Sudanow)_ Dengue fever, a viral infection transmitted by the bite of mosquitoes hit some Sudanese states and cities including El-Obeid, El-Fasher, Kassala and the surrounding areas.

 It is common in tropical and subtropical areas. and spreads rapidly in rural and poor areas and where mosquitoes breed frequently.

There are other names for the disease, such as (Aden fever - bone fracture fever - Abul-Rukab. Sudan government is trying to curb this disease by sending doctors and medical funds to the infected places while the Ministry of Health guides a great campaign to raise awareness and help people to be aware enough to prevent themselves.

in another development, the Ministry of Health in North Darfur State confirmed the stability of the health conditions in Gereida locality, following the emergence of unknown disease in the state. Research and diagnosis are still underway to find out its causes among female students in the secondary stage.

The Director of the General Department of Health Emergencies and Epidemic Control at the Ministry of Health, Abbas Hassan Shams, said that the situation in Gereida is under control, and all the teams and doctors that the ministry sent in the field are carrying out their duties in medical care for patients in the hospital and investigating the causes of this strange disease which spreads in the state.

Abbas said that the cumulative cases since the first case appeared last week, amounted to (127) cases, (88) of which were discharged, and (39) students remain in the hospital.

Abbas revealed that a delegation included specialized team from the Federal Ministry of Health arrived recently in Nyala and moved immediately to Gereida for further investigation.

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