Aisha Musa Resigns In Protest Of Army Crackdown On Peaceful Rally

Aisha Musa Resigns In Protest Of Army Crackdown On Peaceful Rally

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Aisha Musa Alsaeed has resigned her prestigious office as member of the Sovereignty Council in protest of the Army personnel’s armed attack on thousands of persons paying tribute to the martyrs of the Revolution.

In a press statement, the Alliance of Civilian Forces said its representative in the Sovereignty council Aisha Musa Alsaeed has resigned in protest of the Army personnel’s  use of firearms to disperse thousands of citizens gathering peacefully to commemorate the martyrs of the Sudanese revolution.   

The Alliance said it hails “the position of Aisha Musa of tendering her courageous resignation on the morning of 12 May, announcing her condemnation of all forms of killing and suppression our people face due to the failure of concerned bodies to dispense their duties and the weak role of the Sovereignty Council which is dominated by a single component that continued to impose its own agenda, doing what serves its purposes and deferring what serves the interests of the nation and the revolution such as the formation of the Constitutional Court.”

The “single component” cited in the statement refers to the military members of the Sovereignty Council.

“We consider the position taken by Aisha a representation of the alert political and human conscience towards the dissipated rights of Sudanese,” the Alliance further said.

On 11 May Army personnel in the vicinity of the Armed Forces General Command asked thousands of citizens to end a social and political function organized to pay tribute to the revolution’s martyrs. But when the masses were peacefully leaving the place (now that the function was drawing to an end),  the soldiers opened gunfire at them, killing two young men and wounding several others.

Aisha Musa Alsaeed is a teacher of English and translator with wide contributions to education and the country’s literary life. She is one of two women members in the Sovereignty Council.

She is widow of one of Sudan’s most renowned poets, Dr. Mohammad Abdelhai.
She is also widely known for her moral and material support of the martyrs’ families and has often used to say that “the blood of the martyrs is a debt we have to pay through the protection of the revolution and the realization of the aims for which the martyrs sacrificed their lives.”


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