At last, Mechanism for dealing with bodies accumulated in morgues established

At last, Mechanism for dealing with bodies accumulated in morgues established

Khartoum, Sept (Sudanow) A meeting headed by the Attorney General and higher authorities related to anatomical medicine took place to decide on the controversial  issue of dealing with the bodies. Identification and clues and editing the details of the corpse, and that each unknown identity is given an identification number related to the corpse, clues and evidence, with the work of evidence with numbers after the issuance of decisions to bury the corpses.

 In relation to the teeth, any local, regional or international expertise can be sought A file should be prepared for each corpse with a detailed report on each corpse.

 The meeting also secured the participation of a representative or representatives of the Resistance Committees and coordination, or a representative of each of the sectors representing the morgues and related areas, representatives of the families of the missing and stakeholders, and noted the need to assign a sufficient number of prosecutors to work within the autopsy teams and see the reports.

 In the same context, the meeting stressed that the work should be transparent and clear by the stakeholders, who are represented by the Missing Persons Committee, in addition to the Resistance Committees. The contents of the meeting included ensuring the completion of procedures related to dealing with corpses in accordance with the international protocol and accompanying international organizations that support procedures related to dealing with corpses.

 At the end of the meeting, the Attorney General extended his sincere thanks to international organizations and businessmen for their logistical support for this work. This meeting was held in the presence of His Excellency the Attorney General headed by the Public Prosecution of the Governor of Khartoum, the Forensic Medicine Authority, the Forensic Medicine Advisory Board, the Head of the Missing Persons Committee, Mr. Al-Tayeb Al-Abbasi, and the Minister of Health in Khartoum State.

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