Activities of 48th. Ordinary Session of IGAD Council Of Ministers start in Khartoum

Activities of 48th. Ordinary Session of IGAD Council Of Ministers start in Khartoum

By: Ismail Fadl

Khartoum, Nov. 30 (Sudanow) - The activities of the 48th. Ordinary Session of IGAD Council Of Ministers started at Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum this morning, with the participation of all IGAD countries, the US ambassador to Sudan, the Italian ambassador in Khartoum and the representative of the European Union.

The chairman of the current session, Foreign Minister Ambassador Ali Al-Sadiq pointed to Sudan's concern with the situations of the countries of the region.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed Sudan's commitment to providing services to IGAD for the benefit of member states.

He pointed out that Sudan has set a roadmap based on achieving regional excellence, encouraging integration and enhancing the role of women in the member states.

Meanwhile, the representative of the European Union to the Horn of Africa and the Red Seas, Annette Weber, said that the meeting of the IGAD Foreign Ministers in Khartoum comes at an excellent time, after the positive steps in the Horn of Africa.

Envoy Annette praised the positive steps in the Horn of Africa, especially that the region had witnessed a difficult period in the past, she expressed hope the Sudan would realize transition.

During her address to the 48th ordinary meeting of the IGAD Ministerial Council, currently hosted by Khartoum, the representative of the EU pointed to the signing of the cessation of hostilities in Ethiopia, which had a major role in opening windows of hope.

The EU Official drew attention to the fact that the European Union remained hopeful that the Horn of Africa would witness positive developments, particularly that the region in need for regional and economic integration.

Pointing out to the history of wars in Europe, she said: "The first meeting between them was through economic integration”, stressing the EU's support for the regional and economic integration of the countries of the region to overcome difficulties and challenges.

Weber noted that the challenges related to climate change, which needs many solutions, and the countries to reach a common understanding for the region to function automatically.

The US Ambassador to Sudan, John Godfrey, on his part, affirmed his country's commitment to supporting African countries to achieve their potential for African integration, appreciating the role being played by the IGAD to face the challenges in Sudan and Ethiopia.

Godfrey, addressing the opening session of the ministerial meeting of the IGAD Organization, which kicked off this morning at the Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum, appreciated the endeavors and solutions to African problems and the efforts of IGAD in this connection, considering them important and tangible in terms of the methodology it adopts.

The US diplomat referred to IGAD's role in facilitating the political process in Sudan to restore the democratic transition and making it “an example to be followed".

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