Final Phase of the Political Process launched

Final Phase of the Political Process launched

By: Ismail Fadl

Khartoum, Jan (Sudanow) - The civil forces that signed the framework agreement issued a statement on Monday defining the general framework and issues of a fair final political agreement, in which the components of the Sudanese people called for the need to support the decisions and recommendations of conferences and working groups as an entry point to reach a final agreement.

(Sudanow), publishes below the text of the statement:

 As we continue on the path to restoring the constitutional order and the civil democratic path, which will only be achieved by completing the tasks and duties of the victorious December revolution, we meet with you at the opening of the final stage of the political process, towards reaching a final and fair political agreement, on which solid constitutional arrangements are based, renewing the spirit of the revolution in the process. A broad transition, learning from the lessons of yesterday, and heading towards what is dictated by the will and demands of our people, and its glorious revolution in freedom, peace, and justice.

 As we welcome, and announce today the launch of the final phase of the political process, this day comes as a tribute to the struggles and sacrifices of the masses of our people, in their defeat of the National Congress regime, the courage and daring of the martyrs of the revolution, and their sacrifice of pure blood, and the sacrifices of the injured, the missing, the refugees and the displaced.

 This day also comes as a sense of national responsibility, restoring the health of the nation, and a commitment to achieving democratic civil rule, so that we may embark on a new stage with strong will and relentless determination, as the wheel of history has turned forward. The framework agreement came as a result of pure Sudanese efforts, and it received great support from wide sectors of the components of our people, who supported the agreement, and presented good ideas for its development in the final agreement. The agreement also enjoyed broad regional and international support, and readiness to provide more technical support, experiences and comparative experiences. Here, we extend our sincere thanks to the tripartite mechanism, represented by IGAD, the African Union, UNITAMS, the Quartet, Troika, the European Union and neighboring countries, as well as the political, technical and media support from the distinguished Sudanese experiences that have contributed abundantly to the development of visions, enlightenment and education. The event of the opening of the final stage of the political process is held based on the framework political agreement document signed on the fifth of December 2022. During this period, several efforts and steps were made in the direction of shaping the parameters of the national destiny and striving to ensure the participation of the forces of revolution and democratic transition in the political process, prioritization of the political process, and keenness To implement all measures to create a climate and build confidence, and to design an integrated vision and implementation plan to achieve the success of conferences and working groups on the five issues stipulated in the political framework agreement for the political process.

 The framework agreement document stipulated in the issues of the final agreement: 1. Justice and transitional justice: an issue that requires the participation of the stakeholders and the families of the martyrs, provided that it includes all those who have been affected by human rights violations since 1989 until now. 2. Security and military reform: It is one of the main issues facing our country. Without building and reforming a single professional and national army in accordance with agreed upon security arrangements, our country will not achieve democracy, peace or development. 3. Juba peace agreement for Sudan and the completion of peace: The December revolution pushed the peace agenda to the fore, which led to reaching the Juba peace agreement for Sudan. Accordingly, we see the implementation of the Juba peace agreement, with its evaluation between the signatories of the political agreement and the parties to the Juba peace agreement, with a firm commitment to preserving the gains Conflict-affected areas and women included in the Juba Sudan Peace Agreement. 4. Dismantling the June 30 regime: The June 30 regime hijacked the Sudanese state and its institutions legitimized its party, and to build a professional state that serves our society without discrimination or encroachment, the structure of the June 30 regime must be dismantled in a manner that adheres to the rule of law and respect for basic rights. 5. Commitment to resolving the eastern crisis by making appropriate arrangements for the stability of eastern Sudan, in a way that achieves a just peace, sharing in power, wealth and development, within the constitutional rights of the citizens of the region, and the participation of all stakeholders in eastern Sudan within the ongoing political process. After the opening of the day, conferences and working groups will be held successively on the five issues, and the outcome of the deliberations, discussions, and visions will be a basis that contributes to reaching a fair final agreement, according to an integrated design of the political process that defines the goals, stakeholders, timetable, and general and methodological directions. The political process is based on transparency and the participation of all revolutionary and democratic forces, and aims to end the suffering of our people, restore democratic civil rule, remove the military from politics, and build the institutions of the transitional government. The first of the conferences will be launched tomorrow, the "Roadmap Conference for Renewing the Process of Dismantling the June 30 Regime", which aims to reach a roadmap that includes "legislation, policies, mechanisms, training, standards, rules and procedures" to renew the process of dismantling the June 30 regime, based on an evaluation of previous experience and committed to international standards, the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights, provided that the road map is included in the final political agreement and within the resulting constitutional arrangements. Representatives of the signatories to the framework agreement are participating in the conference by 40%, while the largest strength of the conference and the specialized working groups are participants from outside the signatory political forces, representing 60%, from various stakeholders, including ensuring the fair participation of Sudanese women Commitment to the widest participation of them and their issues.

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