Northern herbal plant with great advantages

Northern herbal plant with great advantages

By: Rogia al-Shafee

Northern herbal plant with great advantages

 Khartoum, Mar.20 (Sudanow) -Alkhala is a type of herb, which belongs to the family. It grows naturally in rugged and wild areas and grows abundantly in the winter. Its leaves are long, and its flowers contain a large amount of seeds known as (Alkhalaseeds).

 Experiments have proven successful cultivation in Merowe Dam area and Soba West project in Khartoum and five other states, namely the North, River Nile, Gadarif and North Kordofan. These were successful experiments that confirmed the distinction of the Sudanese production of this plant, and that a number of foreign companies submitted a request to buy this herbal plant, and due to the increasing of its global demand, Sudan can expand its cultivation as one of the strategic crops that interfered in the manufacture of many medicines after the world realized the importance of natural medical plants.

The seed of Alkhala have many therapeutic benefits due to the good properties that characterize them, such as containing vinegar, farrago, glycoside, protein, amides, and sterols; therefore, its seeds are used in the manufacture of various medicines, in the treatment of expanding blood vessels, relieving pain and contractions of renal colic. Calm the nerves relieve insomnia and stress. It also helps in cleansing and cleaning teeth and gums from bacteria, prevention of strokes, strokes and heart attacks. Prevention of muscle spasms, bone protection. Preventing high blood pressure and keeping it within normal levels. asthma and chest treatment, activating blood circulation in the body. treating some skin diseases, such as psoriasis and vitiligo, and hair loss treatment in addition to the prevention of some types of cancer.

Sudanow met Dr. Muhammad Othman,   Sidahmed, Family Medicine Specialist who said : the seeds of Alkhala are used in many medical treatments, but in Sudan it was closely associated with the treatment of fragmentation of kidney stones, infections and urine retention, as it is used by taking five tablespoons of it, then boiling it in a large cup of water, and leaving it soaked for five minutes And eat it in two or three batches per day, repeating this process for at least a week.

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