Press Headlines

Press Headlines

Khartoum, June 20 (Sudanow)-

Al-Youm Al-Tali

Investment: The UAE allocates $6 billion for projects in Sudan

An American declaration of a defense alliance that includes Sudan

Educational experts: the state hastened the return of the “intermediate school”

Minister of Education: Correction of certificate exams after the Eid al-Adha holiday

Hemedti: The political scene is complicated by monopoly of power.


The authorities tighten the screws on the leader of "9 Tawila" and confiscate his weapons

Economist: 70% of the people will not be able to buy goods soon

An official was involved in corruption in the East Electricity Project

Resistance Committees: We have not yet received the "Freedom and Change" document to end the coup

Al-Burhan expresses reservations about Eritrean mediation and acknowledges support for the “Amhara”

Political movement

“1440” Suicide Attempt and Fatwa Permissibility of Prayer and Condolences

The Saudi embassy is moving to accept the criminal Sudan’s invitation against its former ambassador

Doctors Committee: The “cartridge” weapon claimed “8” lives and wounded more than “700” demonstrators

A tug of war in a meeting between “FFC” and the military

Residents of Al-Lagori hold the Kadugli government responsible for the killing of three teachers


Hemedti: We are monitoring war and crisis traders

Suakin Port Director: The flow of exports and work was not affected by the “sinking of the ship”

The Communist: Talking about the hardening of civilians' positions is an obstacle to the course of the revolution

Organizations: 325,000 Sudanese children are at risk of dying from malnutrition.

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