Press Headlines

Press Headlines

By: Mohi eldeen Osman

Headlines of the Sudanese newspapers on January 1,
* Global Petroleum: Libya has the cheapest fuel in the world and Sudan
is fourth in the Arab World.
♢ A judicial decree to suspend the activities of the Bar Association
Steering Committee issued.
♢ Darfur lawyer accuses Port-Sudan prison administration of hiding
detainees from a UN delegation.
♢ The People's Movement for Radical Change: Violence against citizens
♢ A ministerial committee approves the matrix of construction and
maintenance projects for national roads.
♢ Report: Khartoum and Juba.. Impossible conditions for opening the
♢ Report: Khartoum and Juba.. Impossible conditions for opening the
♢ A bus coming from El-Fasher collides with a truck.. 16 people were
killed and 19 injured on the Omdurman - Barra road.
♢ Al-Nahda (Renaissance) College establishes a branch in Nigeria.
♢ Statement by the University of Sudan: Tuition fees for students
represent about less than 20% of our total budget.

♢ In the case of the Bank of Khartoum Court against TARCO Aviation
Company: The prosecution is absent from attendance, the defense is
protesting against the repeated absence.
♢ At a cost of 12 million dollars, the “Fayd Al-Ni’am” Company
pledges electricity power to the villages western of Omdurman.
♢ Teachers carry out a comprehensive strike in Khartoum schools.
♢ Al-Burhan attends graduation of the (49th) batch at the College of
Command and Staff.
♢Journalists and media professionals harshly criticize the Sudanese
political experience after 67 years of independence.
♢ The Inspector General of Burundi Police visits a number of Sudanese
police departments.
♢ Leaks: The Pediatric Department of the Turkish Hospital in Kalakla
♢ The electronic signature launched at the Ministry of Justice.
♢ Armed Forces: We did not withdraw from Yemen.
♢Discussions between Khartoum and Cairo on issues of disarmament
and integration of armed movements.
♢ At cost of (700) million dollars, the Minister of Animal Resources
announces establishment of an integrated complex for meat in North
♢ Talks between Sudan and South Sudan discussed security and border

♢ Launching the pregnancy and childbirth emergency network.
♢Khartoum intends to provide new jobs for (teachers).
♢ The Public Prosecution is investigating the use of the (Pplin) weapon
during the demonstrations.
♢ In an ambush.. police officers were killed and injured in Kadugli.
♢ (Paralysis) affects public schools after a teachers' strike.
♢ Faisal Islamic Bank gets a new upgrade from the International Islamic
Rating Agency.
Al-Jezouli: The Sudan Unity Alliance is not a substitute for the call of
the people of Sudan.
♢ Because of the high fees protests.. University of Sudan suspends
studies in the Southern Complex.
♢ Why did the University of Sudan suspend studies at the Engineering
♢ Expectations of the announcement of the new government and
surprises in the names of the candidates for prime minister.
♢ The Ansar Affairs body bids farewell to the Egyptian consul and
receives his successor.
♢ The Tripartite Mechanism welcomes El-Hillu’s remarks.
♢ Freedom and Change sends delegations to six Arab and African

♢ Political analyst: Hemedti's visit to Juba may discuss the possibility of
amending the Juba peace agreement.
♢ Freedom and Change: Mubarak Al-Fadil, is a rejected coup supporter,
and only Menawi and Jibril will be allowed to join the framework
♢ Due to the cold weather.. cancellation of the queue and morning
classes in North Kordofan schools.
♢Leaks: Aila was poisoned, a matter which necessitated his speedy
transfer to Cairo.
♢ Khartoum State approves its budget and no burdens on the citizen.
♢ Foiling of an attempt to smuggle solar panels in Sudan.
♢ Native administration leader: regular forces’ elements are selling
drugs in the camps for the displaced persons in Tawila.
♢They tied him up and slaughtered him...a horrific crime a the Tayef
neighborhood in Khartoum.
♢ Source: The ambush that targeted the police in Kadugli aims to
liberate those sentenced to death.
♢ Adel Khalafalla, the official spokesman for the Baath Party: the year
2022 is a devastating year for the Sudanese economy and the worst in
♢ Arresting of nine revolutionaries in the northern section of Khartoum.
♢ Jaafar Hassan: Framework agreement has defined parties, and we will
not fill it with other forces.

♢ Report: Framework agreement is gaining new progress, and
expectations that the rest of armed struggle movements will join.
♢ The Turkish ambassador meets delegation of the People's Democratic
♢ Higher committee to count the displaced people and evacuate them
from government institutions.
♢ The higher committee for establishment and maintenance of national
roads holds a meeting.
♢ Mineral Resources Corporation: improving of control standards for
production companies in 2023.

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