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KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Notaries of the history of football in Sudan consider Sabit Dudu, born in Khartoum in 1930, as the greatest footballer the playgrounds have ever witnessed in Sudan. He played for the Hilal Club and for the Sudan's national team during 1953-1967.

He was exceptionally tall and of a well-built, resilient and strong body, fast and courageous, features he has perhaps acquired from his military service.

Besides football, Dudu used to practice basketball, swimming and gymnastics and due to his agility, he was given several nicknames as the international press called him the Eagle of Africa and Yashin Of Sudan (after the famous Soviet-Russian football goalkeeper), while he was called the Eagle of Quraish by the Arab press and the Black Eagle of Sudan by the African press.

Sports critic Mirghani Abu Shanab recounted that he had met Dudu 15 years after the last game he had played in Atbara (north of Sudan) before he retired due to an injury in his hand. Abu Shanab told him that he in the stadium when towering Dudu entered the pitch jogging and waving his hand, in a black glove, in salute to the spectators. "We are not going to win this match in the presence of Sabit Dudu with this pan-like hand," a fan of the other side commented, as retold by Abu Shanab.

The critic said Dudu got very angry and asked Abu Shanab to arrange for him a meeting with that fan and he was asked about the reason of his anger, the former footballer replied that he retired immediately after that match during which he felt a pain in his hand and raised his hands with difficulty and stopped playing since then.

On retirement, Dudu took to coaching in the Gulf states and settled down in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, training the goalkeepers of Ahly football club till his recent retirement.





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