Sudanese Drama Lowers Flags For Departure Of Prominent Actor Alhadi Alsiddiq

Sudanese Drama Lowers Flags For Departure Of Prominent Actor Alhadi Alsiddiq

By: Yahya Hassan

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – Sudanese superstar actor Alhadi Alsiddiq died (aged 71) in a horrific road accident, Saturday.

Eye witnesses said a land cruiser vehicle carrying Siddiq along the Khartoum-Medani Road swerved off track and turned over three times. The late Siddiq reportedly sustained serious injuries in his arm and his legs. He was evacuated to a Khartoum hospital where he underwent two big surgeries.

The late Siddiq had shone in radio, TV and theatre drama ever since he was a young man in his early twenties.

He had dedicated very much of his life to drama as an actor and as a university professor.

As a youthful actor, Siddiq played in many of the country’s outstanding romantic plays.

Some of Alsiddiq's acting scenes

It was his role in the Addahabya romantic radio drama that gained him much of his luster as an actor. The Addahabaya was a depiction of a Western Sudanese Darfuri love story that brought Siddiq with the then Cinderella of the Sudanese Drama Ms. Tahiyya Zarrouq.

His role in the TV drama Dakeen is also something to remember.

Dakeen was a melodrama depicting the desert life of Sudan. It was because of the striking imagery of the life in the desert, with its camels, wildlife and the harsh environmental surroundings that audiences in the Arabian deserts of the Gulf region used to reportedly get glued to their TV sets every night to watch.

Upon pleas from those Arabian audiences, some Arab TV channels replayed the serial on their screens. Similarly did some African TV channels.

Siddiq’s departure has sent waves of sadness around Sudan and in the region.

The Association of Sudanese Drama Occupations said in an obituary that: “We mourn the veteran actor, the superstar of the Sudanese radio, TV and theatre drama who enriched the Sudanese artistic life, all in  relentless resolve,  as an actor, program presenter and university lecturer.”

“We mourn his high politeness, his tactfulness, his nice talk and the sacrifices he made to advance Sudanese drama. We remember him in his roles in the dramas Alzawba’a (the tempest), Ayadi Alqadar (the hands of fate), Addahabaya (a name of a beautiful girl), and his uncountable other works,” said the Association.

Filmmaker and critic Abdelrahman Najdi said Siddiq was an “eternal lover of the theatre, was born as an actor and has died as an actor.”  

Actor Alrasheed Ahmed Eisa said Siddiq had loved acting as a young boy and had considered acting as “a continuation of life”.

“I was very lucky to have acted with him in some of his radio and TV shows. He was very natural and spontaneous as an actor, a true lover of the camera that also loved him,” said Eisa.

In a newspaper interview Siddiq had said was unhappy about the little state care for drama. “We have good texts, excellent actors, but the state is not spending enough on drama,” he said.




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