Emir Nugdallah: Paralyzed For 18 Years From Torture In Security Cells

Emir Nugdallah: Paralyzed For 18 Years From Torture In Security Cells

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Thousands on Wednesday marched in Omdurman to bid farewell to the staunch defender of democratic rule Abdallah Abdelrahman Nugdallah who died of paralysis he suffered due to heavy security manhandling that kept him in bed for 18 years.

Those close to the late Nugdallah, who was popularly called ‘The Emir (the Prince)’, said he was tortured in the security cells known as the Ghost Houses in which many activists were made to stay and were tortured during the Bashir regime.

Nugdallah, a leading figure in the National Umma Party of former elected Prime Minister, the late Sadiq Almahdi, was known to overlook partisan interests and always look for the interests of the entire country and its citizens. For that he was very much respected by his party’s political adversaries, in particular his party’s contending parties the Democratic Unionist Party and the Sudanese Communist Party.

The late Nugdallah was a solid opponent of the defunct regime of Omar Albashir. He did not keep silent even during the times of repression and the muzzling of mouths. He could not raise the white banner in the face of the harassment and persuasion he met from that regime and remained adhered to his principles and positions, until on some occasions he was very close to the gallows when the regime tried and convicted him to death, a ruling which was reduced later on.

In a disclosure after the funeral, his brother Ibrahim said the deceased had told him that it was the then security chief, Dr. Nafi Ali Nafi, who oversaw his torture. He said Nafi was behind everything that happened to him. “He told me that one day they took him, after covering his eyes with a piece of cloth, and put him in a car. They told him he was being taken outside Khartoum. But he felt that they roamed the Khartoum streets before they made him dismount. Then an officer injected a needle in his body,” said Ibrahim, adding that “we later on learned that the effect of that type of injections does not appear until five years later…and that was what had happened. His health deteriorated until he became clinically dead.”

Journalist Ahmed Osman Jibreel said Martyr Nugdallah had told him about the ghost house and how he used to be tortured there together with other honorable detainees. “He told me what happens in those detention centers was indescribable, saying these people (the followers of the defunct regime) could not be Sudanese born and grown up as Sudanese... They even do not belong to our planet, the Earth...They must have come from another planet.!”

The social media is replaying his trial in which he was convicted to death in the early 1990s, two years after he was arrested. In his trial he told the judge: “Your honour .. I am a descendant of freedom fighters well known all over Sudan for raising the banner of religion and the love and defense of the country and the rights of its citizens. My short history is rich in patriotic positions, the love for my countrymen and doing everything that can serve them. I had never differentiated between Sudanese for political, ethnic or religious reasons, but treated all of them with justice and goodness when I was in government office. I was known among all Sudanese for my dislike for partisan bias and with selflessness. I have loved all the people of Sudan and take pride in becoming one of them and for the sake of that I am ready to sacrifice my life … Welcome death for Allah’s sake, which is an honor for a citizen who remained faithful to Sudan and its good, faithful people.”



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