Press Headlines

Press Headlines

By: Ismail Fadl

July 25 (Sudanow) - Sudan Press Headlines for Sunday, July 25, 2022


: “800” bodies were piled up in Omdurman mortuary,

A new political alliance that includes the Communist Party announced

, Tarco Air announces launching of new lights to Dubai and Sharjah : Most Communist.. Announce new political coalition

 Tarco announces new surprises and launches direct flights between Khartoum, Dubai, Khartoum and Sharjah


 The Minister of Finance brings great economic breakthrough to the people The arrest of a network active in the promotion of “Nerfax” pills

 An initiative by the Blue Nile Reconstruction Fund to contain the conflict in the region

Including Sudanese, More than a thousand immigrants arrive in Italy Weapons and (82) vehicles and motorcycles seized in River Nile State

Minister of Federal Government accuses the former regime of fueling tribal conflicts

Akhbar Alyoum:

The Communist Party , the SPA and other  entities inaugurate the “Forces for Radical Change” Coalition

 Sudan Tribune (The Communist) leads the "Radical Change" coalition and adheres to the overthrow of the military regime

 Human Rights Center: The army arrested 3 citizens coming from the (Al-Sha’abiyah) areas and confiscated their money

Disagreements intensify within the (Transitional Council) and Al- Hadi Idris dismisses his deputy and other leaders

86% of girls and 76% of boys passed the Basic School Certificate in Khartoum State

Experts: Low inflation (does not mean lower prices), but the debate continues

Jaafar Al-Mirghani urges reconciliation and calls for caution Finance Minister confirms Sudan's readiness to receive Arab investments  

 Journalists on the way to the syndicate..

 Differences within the Sudan Liberation Movement (Transitional Council) and Hadi Idris dismisses his deputy and other leaders

Led by the Communist Party.. Announcing of a new alliance for "radical Change).

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