Photographer and Film Maker, Afrah Saad Wins first place in the 2022 Africans Rising Prize for African Struggle

Photographer and Film Maker, Afrah Saad Wins first place in the 2022 Africans Rising Prize for African Struggle

By: Ismail Fadl

Khartoum, Dec. 28 (Sudanow)-A large number of Sudanese inside and outside the country celebrated the photographer and director, Afra Saad, winning first place in the 2022 Africans Rising Prize for African Struggle, which seeks to motivate youth in the African continent.

The achievement loomed high the media and social networking sites.

Biography and career.

Afra Saad, born in Tuti Island in 1988, is a filmmaker and photographer. Graduated from Al-Neelain University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Libraries and Information, founding member of the “Women’s Kandaka” group at Al-Neelain University.

She spent a training period in Al-Watan and Al-Tayyar newspapers. She worked as an Assistant Director and Artistic Director for a number of Sudanese films, in addition to her interest in humanitarian, human rights and women's issues.

She is currently working on a project (Their Struggle) that reflects the participation of women in the Sudanese revolution in general, as well as documenting the lives of women in various practical fields with limited income and those working in public and political work without pay, as well as working within the project team of the Democratic Center for Media and the Arts and the media office of the organization (Awareness), and a member of the executive office of the Sudanese Film Group and the Sudanese Cinema Club, in addition to the executive office of the Youth Forum Organization.

She works as a trainer for young women in conflict areas documenting violations of women through short news stories. She also works on the jury of the Khartoum Mobile Film Festival, and with the selection team for the participants in the filmmaking workshop in the Sudan College Kadugli project.

About the award

Afraa Saad told reporters that” Obtaining the title of Artistic Activist for the year 2022 will make me work hard and carefully to reflect women's stories and motivate them to work on their causes in their various and multiple groups”

The film maker underlined that we will work hard together to reach a minimum level for our common issues in the worst cases and work in advocacy and support campaigns, indication that obtaining the title will make me work to consolidate my belief in the “Maputo Protocol” to guarantee women’s rights, including the right to participate in the political process, equality and social equality with men, improve independence in reproductive health decisions, and put an end to genital mutilation.

Unity and justice

Africans Rising is an African movement of movements and people working for unity, justice, peace and dignity, which was launched in 2017. The movement provides a space for leaders of progressive African civil society for groups engaged in various civil struggles to meet, communicate, cooperate, exchange knowledge, build solidarity among people, and others issues.

The Kilimanjaro Declaration is considered the founding philosophy of the rising African movement, which was adopted in 2016 and was officially launched on African Liberation Day 2017, which believes in a common recognition of the wealth of the continent, its people and its diaspora, and a commitment to overcoming the oppressive regimes that afflict the African people. The Declaration was amended and adopted on (31) August 2022.

Africans Rising connects activists and movements to a global network of Africans engaged in nonviolent actions to promote unity, peace, justice and dignity for all Africans around the world.

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