Will Of Ex Coptic Man And Muslim Pub Goers

Will Of Ex Coptic Man And Muslim Pub Goers

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The following is a true story which happened in Omdurman city, early last century in Khartoum:
A wealthy Sudanese from the Christian Coptic sect converted to Islam and kept it secret as he feared family reprisal, the least of which declaring him insane, and consequently deprive him of all properties and wealth he had amassed.
So it was said he prepared a written will which he handed over to the Muslim prayer leader in his community. In the will he instructed that upon his death he be buried in the Muslims cemetery. He left the will, signed in the presence of two witnesses, with the Imam (leader of prayer) of Omdurman’s Grand Mosque.
Years later the Copt felt that he was dying, thus he summoned his son and told him to summon the said Imam and ask him to bring the written will to the family house.
However, when the Imam arrived the dying man had already passed away. The Imam revealed the content of the will of the deceased father. The family rejected the contents of the will altogether. The Imam went away, but after he led the sunset prayer at the mosque, revealed to the worshipers the story and in a very emotional way appealed to them to accompany him to fetch the body of the deceased Muslim and to execute the certified will of their brother in Islam.
To his disappointment and chagrin, the worshipers declined to comply with him. They told him that he had done his utmost efforts and that Allah Almighty would resurrect every Muslim in the Day after as a Muslim whether he was buried in a church, a shark or an alligator stomach.
Angry and frustrated, and feeling guilt for not executing the will of a dead Muslim, the Imam went directly to the indaya (Sudanese traditional pub house) where he found a huge crowd of men drinking. One of the men asked him: Sheikh al-Bunna we know that you don't consume alcohol, so what is it that brought you here at this very place, the indaya?
Sheikh Al-Bunna didn't recite a ceremony before them on how they did not observe the Islamic teaching on avoiding such drinks, and how they had violated Islam prohibition of alcohol but he gave a speech explaining the issue of their brother, the former Coptic man who converted to Islam, and who wrote a will that he be buried with his brothers the Muslims and how those relatives of his wanted to burry in the church.
The drinkers swore in unanimity that they would bring their dead brother for burial where he willed, even if that cost them their lives. En massed they moved out, all of them, sticks and knives branded and ready for use, straight to the man house.
The group brought the corpse where Sheikh al-Bunna performed with them the prayer devoted for asking Allah mercy and paradise for the dead Muslim and then buried him at the Muslim grave yards.
The incident, it was reported, had made many of those erring individuals, to do away with taking alcoholic beverages.
Kidney surgeon Dr. Ahmed al-tayeb Ibrahim, who related the story, said he narrated the incident to show that the real Muslim is not necessarily somebody who grows a long beard and who prays frequently while illegally stealing other peoples belonging and due rights.

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