Key Statement By The People’s Armed Forces

Key Statement By The People’s Armed Forces

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Following is an unofficial translation of Communique No I that was announced on Thursday by Defense Minister Awad ibn Oaf declaring assumption of power by commanders of the army, Security Organ, Rapid Support Forces and Police: 

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, Graceful the Dispenser of Grace

Military communiqué No.1

Allah the Almighty has said “(103) and hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided”, AL IMRAN,VERSE 102.

Praise be to Allah in whose worship we find pleasure and our infinitive infinite grace and thanks to him

Peace and Blessing be upon His Messenger, Mohamed who brought us out from the darkness and ignominies of Jahal and corrupt beliefs, and Peace and Blessing be Upon His Kin and His Companions

Honorable Sudanese people, Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon you

The Higher Security committee, composed of the Armed Forces, the Police Forces, the Security Service and the Rapid Deployment Forces, has been following and for a long time what was going on at the various establishments of the government, including the mismanagement, the corrupt system, the absence of equity in dealingd, the locked horizon before the people, particularly the youth. Thus the poor become poorer and the rich gained more riches. The mere hope in equal opportunity was vanquished before the people of the one nation and before its different social sectors. Members of this security body lived the same conditions as the poor people and the public in general albeit the diverse and huge resources enjoyed by our country. Still and despite the overt suffering and clear injustice, and despite the false promises made, the patience of the Sudanese people was beyond that tolerated by any human being. But our people were graceful and generous notwithstanding what the region and some countries witnessed, our people bypassed that stage with wisdom and perseverance that kept away disintegration, polarization and chaos and falling into the trap of the unknown.

The youth only came out in peaceful demonstrations that were reflected in the slogans raised since 19th December 2019 up to now with the different crisis in living conditions and the lack of the necessary basic services. All this has not spurred the regime into awakening. It only continued to come up with misleading confessions, false promises and on insisting on the security treatment and nothing else. Here the Higher Committee finds that it is obliged to apologize to the people for the losses in souls and mourns the souls of the martyrs, wishes speedy recovery for the injured and wounded, be they civilians or members of the security institutions. However all members of this security body had been keen to manage the crisis with high professionalism and competence, albeit some pitfalls.

Our dear honorable people You have been following since the 6th of April 2019 the developments and what was going around the vicinity of the Armed Forces General Command and the signs of sedition and breaking within a well established institution a matter to which the Higher Security Committee warning the presidency of the Republic against and the Committee warned against the danger of such a situation and it kept on providing alternatives and calling for their implementation but it got stumbled against the stubbornness and insistence on military solution, albeit full conviction by all this would not be possible to carry out and whose implementation would result in huge losses whose scope will be known only by the Almighty.

Thus the Higher Security Committee and its Armed Forces and other components, to carry out what the head of the regime DID not predict. The Committee shouldered the full responsibility to change the regime for a transitional period of two years, during which the Armed Forces would be forming the major elements, with token representation from other components. The said Council would be responsible for running the government and for protecting Sudanese blood. Therefore I as Minister for Defense and the Head of the Higher Security Committee announce the uprooting this regime and of keeping in custody the head of the regime and restraining him at a safe area.

Therefore I declare the following



  1. Formation of a Transitional Military Council that will run the country for a transitional period of two years
  2. Rescinding work with the 2005 Interim Constitution of the Republic of the Sudan
  3. Declare a State of Emergency for three months and a Curfew for one month, from 10 pm to 4 am
  4. Closing the Sudan Air Space for twenty four hours and closing the inlets and crossing points all over the country until further notice
  5. Dissolution of the Presidency of the Republic with all its Aides and Assistants, and resolution of the Federal Council of Ministers with the undersecretaries steering the work of the relevant ministries
  6. Resolution of the National Assembly and the States Council
  7. Resolution of the State Governments, the State Councils, and charging the Governors and the State Security Committees to run the states affairs
  8. The work of the Judiciary and its relevant components, as well as the Constitutional Court and the General Attorney , continues normally
  9. Call on those carrying arms and the armed movements to join the homeland march and contribute along with other sons of the homeland
  10. Preservation of the Public life for all Sudanese people without any exclusion, assault, revenge or aggression against any public or private belonging and preserving the honor and dignity of others
  11. Strict implementation of Law and Order and prevention of any breaches and fighting all types of crimes
  12. Declare a comprehensive ceasefire all over the country
  13. Immediate release of all political detainees
  14. Prepare the environment for a peaceful transition of powered, building of political parties and conduction free and fair election by the end of the interim period and drafting a permanent constitution for the country.



  1. Commitment to all local, regional and international charters, convention and accords
  2. Continuation of the work of the embassies , the diplomatic mission and crops accredited to the Sudan and the Sudanese embassies and organizations abroad
  3. Preservation and protection of human rights and dignity
  4. Commitment to good neighborhood relations
  5. Keenness to maintain balanced international relations that observe Sudan’s higher interests and keep away from intervening in the domestic affairs of others Measures 




  1. Secure the military units, the vital establishments, bridges and worshiping areas
  2. Secure and sustain the work of the utilities, communications, seaports and air traffic
  3. Provide and secure all types of services 



Honorable people

We in the Transitional Military Council which will be named in the Second Communiqué, as we shoulder this responsibility, reaffirm out keenness for the safety of the people and the homeland, and we would hope that people would shoulder the responsibility with us and bear with as with regard to some of the stiff security measures that we are going to implement, in partnership for the safety and security of our homeland

Long live the Sudan and its honorable people

And peace and blessing of Allah be upon you

The Military Moral Guidance 11 April 2019

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