Gasim Osman Noor: From A Library Assistant, To A Prolific Author, Bibliographer

Gasim Osman Noor: From A Library Assistant, To A Prolific Author, Bibliographer


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Joining the resourceful library of the University of Khartoum when he was just a blossoming youth, Gasim Osman Noor refused to be carried away by the routine of his job. He read and watched the university’s students and researchers as they read and researched. Thousands of books, magazines and periodicals passed through his hands and this had allowed him to discover how deep the world of knowledge is.

And this has encouraged him to promote his humble secondary school certificate into a B.A in library sciences and then an M.A and a PhD in history, coupling his academic achievement with 38 publications on history, culture and bibliography.

Noor was also recently named by the organizers of International-Sudanese Novelist Tayeb Salih’s Award for Creative Writing, 2019, as person of the year, in recognition of his writings and his resourceful media contributions and reviews of Sudanese writings. In this Noor has been keeping a weekly radio programme in which he reviews or comments on a selected book written by a Sudanese author.

Noor was born in 1938 in Alkawwa town of the White Nile District. Finishing his secondary school education, he joined the service of the University of Khartoum as assistant librarian. His work in the University’s library availed him with the opportunity to attend several training courses organized by the then Extramural Studies Institute of the University of Khartoum. Later on he obtained a B.A in library science from the Faculty of Arts, Omdurman Islamic University. He then in 1988 obtained an M.A in history from the University of Khartoum and then a PhD in history in 1989 from the same University. In 1998 he obtained the degree of professorship.

Person of the year (Tayeb Salih’s Award)

Prof. Noor’s Working Career

In addition to the Khartoum University’s main library, Noor had toured the University’s other faculty libraries of law, engineering, education, in addition to the Sudan Library (that keeps the University’s post - graduate studies) and also the University’s periodicals library.

In 1982 he was seconded to the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Sciences (ALECSO) as chief librarian at the Khartoum International Institute for Arabic Language here. During 1989-1997 he served as Dean of Libraries at the University of Juba here.


Other Contributions And Activities

-Founding member of the Sudanese Libraries Society

-Member of the Arab Association of Libraries and Information

-Corresponding member of the American Libraries Association (New York)

-Member, Library Society, Alneelain University, here.

-Member, Sudanese History Society

-Board Chairman of Albashir Alrayyah Public Library in Omdurman.

-Member of the Omdurman Ahliyya University Library Committee.

-Member, Committee for Translation and Publishing.

-Consultant in Libraries and Information


His Teaching and Researching Career

-Lecturer, Omdurman Islamic University

-Lecturer, Khartoum International Arabic Language Institute

-Visiting professor at Alneelain University here.

-Supervised a lot of M.A and PhD theses on library sciences.

-1988-1999, Editing Secretary of the Arab magazine on language studies, published by the Khartoum International Arabic Language Institute

-Participated in several symposia and conferences in Sudan and abroad.

-Member of the Board of Directors of the National Library here.

-Member of the committee set to identify documents in old archives here and in the regions

-Member of the Sudanese poetry encyclopedia

-Member of the Sudanese Publishers Union’s Executive Committee

-Member of the committee set by the national center on information to list libraries and information centers around the country.

-Founder and director of the Gasim Libraries Services Center

-Professor of Library sciences and information at Juba and Alneelain universities

-Contributed to the writing of the library sciences and information curricula of the Sudanese universities


Prof. Noor’s Publications

1/ Sources of Sudanese Studies in Sudanese Magazines and Periodicals (three volumes)

2/ Directory of the Sudanese story writings

3/ Arabic and Western Origins of Sudanese Studies

4/ Scientific Conferences in the Sudan

5/ Bibliography of Arabicization in the Arab World

6/ Bibliography of Arabic in the Sudan

7/ Bibliography of the Mahdi Revolution in Omdurman

8/ Index of the Sudan Publications at the University of Khartoum

9/ Bibliography of the Sudanese Post Graduate Studies

10/ Bibliography of the Sudanese Women Studies

11/ The Sudanese Bibliography in A Century (1885-1985)

12/ Bibliography of Arabic language Education for Non-native Arabic speakers.

13/ Arabicization in the Sudan

14/ Arabicization in the Sudanese Universities

15/ The Need For a National Library

16/ Documentation of the Sudanese Women Causes

17/ Bibliography of Islam in the Sudan

18/ Bibliography of Tayeb Salih

19/ Bibliography of Sufi (mystic) Studies in the Sudan

20/ Bibliography of Imam Abdelrahman Almahdi

21/ Doctor Altijani Almahi

22/ Imam Abdelrahman Almahdi, the Man of Sudan

23/ Directory of Sudanese Periodicals (1900-1998)

24/ The Arab Origins of the references and Sources of the Sudanese National Movement

25/ An editing of patriotic poet Arafat Mohammad Abdallah’s collection of articles entitled “Say this is My Way”

26/ Sources of Sudanese Studies (Volume Four).

27/ Bibliography of Bibliographies

28/ Sources of Sudanese Studies (Book Four)

29/ The School Library

30/ How To Write a University Thesis

31/ Lights on the Sudanese Nationalist Movement (Reading Groups and Literary Societies)

32/ Alkawwa, History and Men

33/ The Book and the Library in the Islamic Civilization

34/ Mohammad Almahdi Almajzoub

35/ Problem of Learning Arabic in border zones

36/ Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim Abusaleem Research Methodologies

37/ Professor Awn Alshareef Gasim

38/ Newspapers and Journalists: Vanguards of the Sudanese Press




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