Court Turns Down Request To Release Bashir On Bail

Court Turns Down Request To Release Bashir On Bail

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) – The court trying deposed Sudanese president, Omar Bashir, has turned down a request by the Defense Board to release him on bail quoting legal and precautionary reasons.

Bashir is being tried at this special tribunal under Sudanese Penal code’s embezzlement, dealing in hard currencies outside official channels, illicit wealth and violation of the emergency laws for the year 2019 articles.

The trial being held under maxim security arrangement, before Honorable Justice al Sadiq Abdul Rahaman Al Faki, rejected a request to release Bashir on bail saying the law does not allow such a measure when the crimes involved are punishable by a 10 year in prison and above beside, the court argued, Bashir is facing other charges and as a precautionary measure to prevent the accused running away.

Some of the supporters of the deposed president have recently come out and started disseminating media material calling on people to come out and voice their support for the detained former head of state and head of the out banned National Congress party. Some of these materials were a menace to the revolutionary groups and supporters of the uprising that ended the 30 year rule

During the trial, the official news agency reported, Bashir had expressed his regret that the trial was open as this would embarrass people who were being mentioned in the trial, hoping that it would be an in-camera.  The court did not comply with the request.

The money, for which Bashir is now being tried in what seems to be a host of accusation and series of trial, was received from Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Bashir told the court he received the money, a whooping 25 million dollars, from the crown prince who sent it in a special plane and for specific usage.  The money was thus not sent to the central Bank of the Sudan.

Bashir said he possesses documents showing how he has been spending that money in particular.

The court was adjourned for next Saturday to hear witnesses supporting Bashir’s claims. Those included his once powerful Secretary for the President’s offices, Hatim Hassan Bakheet.

A group of dozens of lawyers, estimated at the initial trial opening at over a 100 lawyers and legal experts, led by former Speaker of the Parliament, Ahmed Ibrahim Tahir, stand ready to defend Bashir.

Bashir was dethroned on April 2019, when a popular uprising involving  hundreds of thousands of youth camped outside the army headquarters in Khartoum, embarrassing and exercising constant and mounting pressure on the army- received the full backing of international and local civil society organizations and finally the army giving in helped dethrone 
Bashir and his clique.




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