Unofficial Translation Of PM Hamdok Speech On The Occasion Of 55th Anniversary Of October Revolution

Unofficial Translation Of PM Hamdok Speech On The Occasion Of 55th Anniversary Of October Revolution


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The Prime Minister, Dr Abdalla Hamdok on Monday delivered a speech on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the October 1964 revolution. Hereunder the unofficial translation as published by Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on Monday, 21st of October 2019:-


The Republic of the Sudan

The Speech by the Prime Minister to the Sudanese people on the occasion of the anniversary of The October 21 1964 Gallant Revolution


In the Name of Allah the Graceful, the Dispenser of Grace

Loyal Sudanese people


Peace and Blessing of Allah be Upon You

Today is the 55th anniversary of the Gallant October Revolution, the starting point in the pathway of the Sudanese popular revolutions.


These are revolutions that defeated tyranny, oppression and repression in each turn and they come out victorious and the values of freedom and democracy have won but at a dear popular sacrifices. Our people have never shied away from change and they, all along our history, paid dearly for achieving this change.


This alone suffices for us to stand out and to pledge to convert this instant victory into a lasting one, taking care of it until it matures and until these lofty values become unwavering habit that would not be hijacked, frustrated by coups or eclipsed by a setback. This would continue until these values have become well cemented alongside the values of justice, parity, peace, stability and development. They remain well connected cycles held together by unbroken bonds. Revolutions in our homeland are not a work of haphazard. Victories are not chaotic. Sacrifices are never an ephemeral surface wound. A look into the well trenched history of our country shows the seed of revolutions and change are deeply rooted in the Sudanese soil. At each phase our revolution uses to take different shape. They varied from peaceful marches in the December 2018 revolution that receive the banner from the September 2013 revolution.


And the peak of our popular struggle was in September. It was the climax of a struggle that continue for years, a struggle of people, and one generation handing over the flag to the next generation. October was renewed in April and before them was the independence that served as the foundation.


The 1924 revolution served as the bricks of the edifice, in between the Mahadism revolution was the cement and fuel that fed the ensuing revolts.


Thus all along its history, our gallant people have never let down the banner of struggle, never gave in, they continued patient and steadfast in face of every setback, rising up at each stage to plunge into another quest for change unabated before any challenges they might face.


Only recently, our people took the attention stand, once again providing an example to be followed by their pacifist revolution. They have become a model to be copied by other people. The sons and daughters entered that battle, encircled the enemy and besieged it through the use of totally new tools in which sciences embraced knowledge and intermingled with technology, resolve and resilience were the melting pot in which the change project riped. The unity of the project and the common objectives among the various components of our people, the country over, were the cohesive elements. Thus the ember of the revolution is still vividly burning.


Today and thanks to these sacrifices, am able to talk to you.


It is for thine eyes our motherland,


These bloods that traced on the land


The lines of struggle


These October odes would have never been written or sung, hand it not been for the dance of this land in joy for receiving and embracing the martyrs. People marched and walked, in constant march forward, the detainees shaking the shackles of the prison cells that were like pimples on the face of this land earth. The whips were tired as they fell on strong and strait backs, upwards stands.


For us, the Sudanese, our land is of a very high symbolic value. Its soil is never like any other soil, its smell is unequal, and from its alluvia we regain life.


Our people, you who have given us life, you who are our mentors, the last one and half month, the age of your civilian government, have seen some measures that are aimed to set firm the civil authority and to achieve the objective of your gallant revolution. What we need to do together is to convert those “some” into full achievement. This is achievable if we stand side by side, to gain the dividends of what we have cultivated, taken care of and irrigated by our bloods and tears.


Our victorious people despite the short period of the transitional government, we judge that with the advent of the anniversary of the October gallant revolution to brief you on what has been achieved during this period of time. As the slogans of our revolution were “freedom, peace and justice”, our principle mission is to convent those slogans into a tangible reality.


A prerequisite for achieving freedom is the implementation of quick legal reform. The justice institutions and organizations concerned are currently engaged in changing and developing the laws and legislations, putting in place alternative laws that go in line with the change, achieve the aspiration of our people for living in freedom, freedom in expressing views, in organization and in assembly.


Peace is a pivotal question for the government of the revolution. This is because we link peace to the democratic transition; we link it to economic progress as well. Converting the conflicts and war areas into save zones will directly reflect on the development. Those areas are rich in resources that would provide our homeland with lots of bounties.


For so many long years we failed to make use of those resources for the desired economic development, a development to the tune of our home land that is rich and require but hard work to catch up with other countries who are self sufficient in resources and which are exporting the extra resources.


We have been able to form the Higher Council for Peace, established the Peace Commission and have agreed on the points for peace talks that include:


-       The security arrangements


-       The economic and social development


-       The legislations and laws


-       The government and administration


We are equally keen to take into consideration the view of the stakeholders and the persons directly affected by the war and conflicts in all areas of the country.


For your government, the question of justice is not a matter for political gains; it is fundamental issues that include addressing grievances and healing wounds, compensating the victims and the survivors during the last thirty years. In this, the Chief Justice and the Attorney General have now assumed their post. Here we have to welcome the appointment of the first female chief justice in the history of the Sudan


On the other hand we have started removing all roots of empowerment within the state’s institutions and establishment. We have also formed an independent investigation committee to probe the incidents of dispersal of the sit in around the General Command of the army in Khartoum and in the states, the events in which violation of rights and dignity against citizens occurred. A committee was also formed to handle the question of those purged from the civil services. This matter is a huge recommendation, materially and morally, for the victims.


We have also agreed to open a country office for the Higher Commission for Human Rights in the country. This office will help provide much needed technical assistance to the government in the area of human rights, besides it monitors and prepares report about human rights situation all over the Sudan.


People of the Sudan

We were in an international tour during which we reinstated Sudan as a genuine member of the international community, a productive non harmful or aggressive member. Our message during this tour was focused on the need to establish healthy relations between the Sudan and the rest of the world, relations based on exchange of interest, and respect of our choice of distancing ourselves from axes, establish faith in our country as a civilian democratic state that seeks to be of positive presence in all international forums, a source of good, not an exporter of evil and harm.


Our generous and proud people

It goes without saying that in this tour we have carried with us all our internal concerns and the priorities of our government which comprise the urgent dreams of our people in economic stability, achieving peace as a priority for sustained democracy. In this regard, the concern of our people are also our concern as we represent the people and we shoulder the responsibility, we are aware of the high prices and we work tirelessly to resolve them at the short and long terms. We are also well aware of the transports shortage. Here we have put in place practical proposals that you would see in reality shortly. We also reaffirm the keenness of the government with the question of education. Many a programme and activity will be detailed by the relevant authorities on the issue of the fees and the education environment. We would mention here the appointment of new vice chancellors for the various universities as some of the signs of the change within the university environment ere the reception of the new batch of students.


We pay due attention to the question of the public health, the environmental health, the health and medical services. The coming period will see considerable change in the medical service, its quality and its availability and provision.


You are no doubt aware of the many challenges and hurdles that face the transitional government, and despite our awareness that these have been put in place purposely to frustrate our efforts, we are nonetheless determined to overcome them no matter how big they are. This will happened if we stick together to cross over to the other shore.


During this short period of time, we have achieved some of what we were aspiring for. The objectives set by the revolution have been our guidance. What was achieved has thus come resembling the features of the gallant December revolution


Our proud people

Our way forwards will not be based on empty and imagined promises. We will not sell impossible plans or non-realistic programmes. We will stick to transparency and be credible in whatever we present and in whatever we could achieve, clear and to the point. We do not expect to be alone in achieving the goals set by the revolution and in leading our country to the save shoreline economically, politically and socially.


In conclusion, your government, the government of the revolution, would like to reaffirm that change is a process and the revolution require the highest of efforts to achieve and to complete its full objective and goals. We have to stay vigilant both people and government. As the world has been witness to our peaceful revolution and has as well celebrated our victories, we have to prove that we will remain alert until achieving full victory


Long live the struggle of our people, glory for the martyrs and speed recovery for the injured


And peace and blessing of Allah be upon you




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