Long Deserted Babanousa Milk Plant Rises From The Rubble

Long Deserted Babanousa Milk Plant Rises From The Rubble


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - A wave of happiness has swept the mid-western state of West Kordofan over the rehabilitation of the long-neglected Babanousa Milk plant.

The economic facility was launched in the 1960s with the aim of exploiting vast quantities of milk produced in its neighborhood. Another aim of the plant was to resettle nomadic herders of the area. The town of Babanousa was well placed for such an economic venture, because it sits on the cross- roads linking West Kordofan with the country’s Center, South and West. Here the town was privileged with abundant means of transport: railway trains, commercial trucks and commuter vehicles. Another asset was the availability of abundant potable water in the area’s ground basin.

Aired TV footages showed local officials, employees and citizens happily roaming the different parts of the plant that looks to be regaining its previous shape.

Officials say the rehabilitation of the plant is part of an endeavor to promote the area’s development and economic projects, in a bid to boost the economy and create jobs. They say the effort is part of the government’s policy to add value to Sudan’s products instead of exporting them raw.

The plant will first produce gum Arabic and hibiscus powder until when the dairy farms are readied and when the herders move with their livestock closer to the facility.

Plant workers and engineers reportedly worked day and night to repair the buildings and the machinery.

Now that the plant has been rehabilitated, workers hope their residential area be put in good shape. They cite the deterioration of their houses which were destroyed out 24 years of neglect. The plant’s VIP Guest House also needs repair. The plant’s public library, once considered second only to that of the University of Khartoum, also needs rehabilitation as well as the sports and social club that also once had its own musical band.

The employees also hope the railroad linking the plant with Bananousa Railway terminal be brought back to work.




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