Sudanese filmmaker wins the award of Global film and media initiative

Sudanese filmmaker wins the award of Global film and media initiative

By: Resala Abdelrahim

Khartoum (Sudanow)_ Last Tuesday a number of Sudanese filmmakers deserved the awards of the Global Film and Media Initiative, the 12 awards were presented to the winning film pitches and given by a number of international film organizations and festivals, both in Sweden and in the region.

Sudanow met with Faiz Hassan, one of the awardees in this festival and interviewed him to know more about this achievement.

Faiz said: " Our film is called “Twenty-Five October” and it is a short fictional film, the idea of the film came a year ago from a woman in the balcony. Then we started working on the story and the script.

Faiz added: " This project took too much time…

 Faiz Hassan is an established journalist, short-story and content writer, in addition to being a YouTube personality. His story, Alanaj, won Eltayeb Salih Short Story Award. In early 2021, he co-founded a project called Kashif that documents Sudanese films by reviewing them and interviewing their filmmakers. Currently, he works as a content and scriptwriter for Adeela's audio-visual materials.

Elhassan Elnasir Ahmed is a producer, director, and screenwriter. He produced, directed, and wrote CORONIC (2020), a short docufiction for Goethe-Institut's Time to Listen project. The film premiered at Action for Hope's Blink Film Festival. More recently, though, he co-founded Kashif, a project that documents Sudanese cinema through audio-visual YouTube content tailored specifically for Sudanese audiences.

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