Noble Grief For Dr. Hilali’s Departure

Noble Grief For Dr. Hilali’s Departure

By: Rogia al-Shafee

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Playwright, academic, poet and artist, Dr. Izzeddin Hilali finally closed his eyes on Monday after enriching the Sudanese library with picks of plays and immortal lyrics which will remain a legacy to be exchanged by generations of Sudanese art and theatre lovers.

Filmmaker and drama producer Shukralla Khalafalla, in a comment to Sudanow, said Hilali was “a prominent academic, a theatre and arts critic and theoretician who was always preoccupied with the theatre and its causes.”

“Dr. Hilali’s contributions in the theatre and the arts were of great benefit to the students and beyond them to arts and theatre lovers both in and outside Sudan ,” Khalafall has added.

He said Hilali was well known on scientific forums both inside and outside the Sudan, with a distinct presence on the Arab cultural scene.

Dr. Hilali was also a story writer and a poet. He had written several poems being broadcast on the media around the Arab World and beyond.

He first obtained an MA in theatre sociology from Egypt then a PhD in theatre from Egypt also, where he also acted in some plays. In Egypt, Hilali was a star in all the Sudanese students poetry and arts functions.

Later on he assumed the office of head section of theatre at the then High Institute of Music and Drama until he left on contract to the United Arab Emirates in the mid-1990s as a lecturer of theatre and advisor on theatre education in the City of Alain and information consultant in that country’s Ministry of Higher Education.

Dr. Hilali was also member of the Paris-based association of international melody composers as well as member of the Egyptian cinema professions union.

He was member of the Sudanese actors association and member of the Arab artists union.

In 1988 he won the Aljeeza (Egypt) artists award after he previously had won the Sudan award for theatre.

Dr. Hilali had contributed to the launching of the school theatre of Mauritania on appointment from the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Hilali had a number of published books on theatre and the school theatre.

His books on school theatre are consulted as references in theatre institutes around the Arab World.


Some of Hilali’s plays:

-Tara Fouqa Hahi Almatar (He flew over the airport neighborhood) 1984.

-Engilab Lillbai’ (a coup for sale) 1987. Two years after this play was staged, Sudan saw the military coup that brought General Bashir to power.


Some of his books & studies:

-The Book: The Sudanese theatre, the subject and the predicate (Egypt 1989).

-The book: The Emirates Theatre (Present and Future), a study-1994.

-The study: The journey of theatrical criticism from text to presentation, 2002.

-The study: Groups and axes of the school theatre.

-The study: The school theatre, a new perspective.


Dr. Hilali’s Poetry collections:

-A review of the country’s conditions, dramatic poetry.

-Prayer when leaving the prison cell.

-Rubaiyyat alhuzn alnabeel (Quatrains of Noble Grief).

-A wrong world.

-Poems not sung by Mustafa Sidahmed.

-Private talk of those in love.

Dr. Hilali had composed a lot of lyrics performed by prominent singers Salah Ibn Albadya, Zainab Alhuwairis, Yousif Almawsili, Naji Alqudsi, Hamad Alrayyah, Mahmood Abdelaziz, Nadir Khidir, Ali Ibrahim and Saif Aljama’a.






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