Weekly Press Columns Digest

Weekly Press Columns Digest

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) — Some most-noted issues of the foregoing week as reviewed by certain columnists include Trump’s loss to Biden over US elections; the Communist Party exiting the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) coalition, the political incubator of the Sudanese transitional government; and the discovery of a new mass-grave site at the outskirts of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. 

Commenting on president Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in the US elections and the far-reaching impacts of such loss on Sudan’s political scene, Dr. Abdel-latif Albooni, wrote in his column at ‘Elsudani’ newspaper thanking heavens for Trump’s signing of Sudan’s delisting decision before exiting the White House. Albooni blamed unnamed local, regional and international conspirators as having been behind Sudan’s listing as state-sponsor of terrorism for eight US presidential terms. 

Dr Albooni

Dr. Albooni believes that had Trump been elected for another term, he might have exercised some delaying tactics especially that he has already renewed the state of emergency on Sudan. Therefore, it is a blessing that he has been defeated, stated Albooni. On the same note, columnist Albooni sees in the president-elect, Joe Biden, a tolerant foe, since the democrats, unlike the republicans, usually tend to adopt more rational and objective external affair approaches. It is noteworthy, said Albooni, that president-elect Joe Biden has already criticized Trump for extorting US$ 335 million in compensation for USS Cole and embassy bombing. 

Then Albooni wonders whether Sudanese politicians are geared up to deal with the new US presidency term. In trying to provide lead points, the writer states that the transitional government should carefully weigh its options, and initiate an institutional approach engaging as many academicians and experts as possible, in order to come out with a balanced strategic policy that guides Sudan’s future relations with the USA. 



In an article on ‘Sudanile’ e-magazine, journalist Omar Al-Omar raised a number of questions about the Sudanese communist party unexpectedly parting ways with the forces of freedom of change (FFC), the political incubator of the transitional government. 

Omar Al—Omar

Omar Al-Omar stated that regardless of whether the decision to withdraw from the FFC was right or wrong, the matter of withdrawal itself should have been debated on a wider range within the party’s institutions, and not be left to the simple discretion of the party’s central committee. The writer argued that such withdrawal decision should have been debated and decided into at a general assembly meeting of the party in order to secure a unanimous decision and accordingly defend the party against ensuing intra-party divisions and splinters.

This having been said, the writer went on to question the party present leadership’s ability to structure and successfully blend into strategic political coalitions as was customary all through the party’s history ever since independence. The writer takes the current withdrawal instance to be a drawback along the party’s historical track as leading pioneer in national mobilization against ignorance and as patriotic promoter of a unified Sudan in which freedom of organization and expression is guaranteed for all citizens. Alomar called to memory the party’s vital role in coordinating the formation of the famous United National Front coalition in the nineteen sixties. 

Towards the end of his article, the writer calls upon the communist party leadership to take more rational and well-informed measures to assure its members and various formations of the revolutionaries of the party’s keenness, despite withdrawal, on standing by their side in protecting the revolution achievements against potential stalkers and conspirators.           

In conclusion, Alomar raised a final pressing question, as he said, about the overall performance of the party under its present leadership in light of the party’s recent failure, at its general assembly meeting, to keep among its ranks some of the party’s leading think-tanks who have seemingly opted to part ways with the old comrades.    



Journalist Haidar Elmikashfi, of ‘Eljareeda’ newspaper, wrote about the public prosecution’s announcement regarding the discovery of mass graves that are believed to contain bodies and remains of some reportedly missing individuals during the December revolution. 

Hidar Elmikashfi

Elmikashfi states that such discovery brings back to light the painful collective memory of the villain crackdown on sit-in protestors at the army HQs on the 3rd of June 2019, corresponding to the 29th day of the holy month of Ramadan. 

Journalist Elmikashfi further blamed the then commanding army generals for not doing enough to protect the gallant youths who sought refuge at their barracks. Had it not been the general themselves who planned and ordered the massacre, they then shamefully failed to stand between unarmed peaceful protestors and a bunch of heavily armed murderers and assassinators; especially that those unarmed peaceful protestors had a sense of security being within the vicinity of the army barracks, which unfortunately proved to be false in view of the criminal massacre that followed.       

In conclusion, the writer called for a thorough and exhaustive investigation to determine the culprits behind the fatal crackdown on innocent protestors and cold-blood murder and mass burial of missing revolutionaries.    


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